• All-American guy that is piecing together some clues I have on certain thoughts. One love to all. I don’t care about your race, all power to the ladies, peace to people in other countries, but I do question what I’m seeing in the world right now. Grew up all over. Lived in all Republican “Don’t Take My Guns” areas, to areas full of Hippies. The pulse of Americana is in me, being raised as a kid on the road. Things are unfolding, so this is really my own think-tank in a sense. A way to not annoy my friends on social media by writing long posts, but also a place to meditate on all the multi-dimensional moves happening in our times. Many posts I do on here will reference books I’m reading relating to my general theory on things. Well what is that? I’m asking myself the same thing. It’s fuzzy but also very clear, some some post will simply be quotes, hard data, etc. I might criticize the political-left as much as I do the political-right, though, I’ll be honest upfront, I’m more a of liberal, but in a non-aligned sense. I joke that I may be a bit antiquated for contemporary liberals, however, I see a common humanity in us all. I just like people being at peace, and I’m a bit suspicious to power. Some posts will simply have quotes from books I’ve read without me chiming in. Friends always would say, “You should start a blog”, but I felt I’d be just another blog in the infosphere. Yet, it came upon me in recent times, that there’s certain angles to things that are not being discussed. I also witnessed a disproportionate amount of analysis coming from the “underground” right-wing in times that are confusing, but I saw it as opportunistic, reactionary, and in many cases racist and sexist. My interests includes geopolitics, themes in fiction and their parallels to real-world events, but also history – both mainstream and kooky – relating to the intersections of science, philosophy, the military, banking, and corporate America.

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