If Peace and Negotiations fail with Iran I suspect the worst. Theory on a possible terror attack or false-flag by Q. Mitchell

Boeing has been creepy the last few years. The missing Malaysia flight. The shot down plan during the Ukraine Russia conflict. Now, recently a Boeing plane connecting Ukraine vs Russia to Iran vs USA, yet, Iran is an ally of Russia but Russia wants to be cozy with Trump and MAGA (MAGA indicating a partnership with Israel, Russia, and the USA). Chess. Russia could turn on Iran or side with Iran as is. Yet, it seems Putin values the potential of an American Alliance over Iranian one but Iran is more realistic for them considering Russia’s close economic and natural resources pact with China and Sino-Russian interests in Iran via Eurasia and the One Belt One Road Project i.e., the New Silk Road. The One Belt One Road Project has also garnered the interests of Israel who opposes Iran as is. So, it doesn’t look great for Iran with its big brother in Russia juggling Western and Eastern ambitions, Russia’s deep ties to Israel etc.
The CIA has a history of backing ultra-Right wing terrorism typically to combat Communism but recently to fight terrorism. Yet, these groups often have mafia, drug dealing, and gun smuggling ties. During the 1970s, the CIA had links to the Masonic Lodge called P2 or Propaganda Due which was a government within a government linked to the Right Wing, Mafia, terrorism, and even implicated to killing a Vatican Banker. So, to know that Turkey as a NATO member has a history with Operation Gladio indicates it’s a possibility that Turkish Grey Wolves as Stay Behind Unit descendents could be used to conduct terrorism. Being Muslim they could pin it on a refugee from Syria claiming Hezbollah allegiance and this would implicate Iran since Hezbollah is an Iranian proxy.

I think a terror attack blamed on Hezbollah will be the official thing to get us to war if Trump’s initial strategy of hardball negotiation and Democratic anti Khamenei (CIA) protests in Iran doesn’t work. I think Trump wants peace. I know there’s a cabal of warhawks around him. But it’s odd because, Russia likes Trump and Trump likes Russia despite Russia being anti NATO, anti Ukraine, and having a partnership with Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Hezbollah, not to forget Turkey. Hm. The Boeing plane going down in Ukraine seems odd since Iran took credit but it occurred in a hotspot between US vs Russian proxies in Ukraine…

Further, the Boeing angle is more strange considering Boeing CEO was recommended by Trump to be Defense Secretary after Mattis resigned, Trump likes Boeing’s F-18 Navy Super Hornet over the Lockheed F35, but a another Boeing plane was shot down during Ukraine vs Russia and also the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysia Boeing plane. We’re we being “Beta Tested”? Back to a possible major terror attack blamed on Hezbollah, considering Russia’s plea to be with Trump’s USA, yet, Putin having ties to nations the USA considers terrorists….

I can see a group like Turkish Grey Wolves doing or smuggling the arms or explosives within Europe but pinning on a Muslim refugee from Syria or associated with ISIS. Turkey is a NATO member but also a Russia ally. A fence sitter able to be in the middle. The Grey Wolves descend from Operation Gladio Stay Behind Units and have Turkish Deep State and Turkish Mob connections (heroin dealing, assassinations, gun smuggling). They also have CIA ties.

This will trigger paranoid anti Islam Europe to join the Crusade with the USA against Iran. This is why MAGA, Russia etc, as far as “psychological operations” have done Right Wing campaigns online to push people Anti Islam, pro White Supremacy, Pro Zionism, etc. Everything from 300 by Zac Snyder (Indentitarian Movement), Zionist (Jewish) ran Rebel Media with supremacists such as Gavin McInnes or Lauren Southern and…Alex Jones (a MAGA supporter, anti Obama). When Norte Dame burned people assumed it was Muslims but it could’ve been a Jewish or Christian Anarchist.

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