There’s no art to the Trump Administration. There’s no soul, style, flash, suave, nothing. No pep in the step. It doesn’t bleed the soul of Americana. It doesn’t howl, it doesn’t rock.

Trump has no style. What music does he like? What is his favorite author? What nerdy hobby does he have? Does he exercise? I don’t see a revolution happening. There’s no call from the White House to be in shape, to go to a national park, to read a book or check out an iconic American artist. There’s nothing really but Twitter and streaming sites. This is why it seems people are living lives of quiet desperation. We feel the intensity of the right-wing which its undertones of violence, racism, fascism, but many are scared of what a progressive future might look like. We’ll all in space as individuals simply thinking there’s an order based on our mind’s ability to do so, but there’s a fleeting objective truth and though Trump isn’t responsible for this, he in a way in simply keeping this social issue alive with this lack of style and behavior.

To me it is all indicative of the fact that we’ve reached the end and in many ways are simply recycling culture, but we also live in hyperreality where it’s hard to discern truths, but also due to technological advancements, we’ve essentially outsourced our very souls… Things are immediate while being actually far away. Pleasure is instant but always not physical. You may have a lot of money but what is that money actually worth if things are so expensive? Division of labor which persists has sent most people in service-oriented economies into cubicles to be Quantitative Janitors, cleaning up and organizing information so high paid CEOs can make good or bad decisions. People can be bored while simultaneously exhausted. People want to speak but might feel guilt adding to the sheer volume of what is said every nanosecond in the vortex of social media. To alleviate themselves from such fates, people become sales people such as selling their personality in a seas of other competing personalities (or, even their bodies), ironically making money simply advertising things they didn’t create, but do people have the money to buy those things that are being advertised? People want a better world, but might not have thought about the sacrifice to their personal happiness which is required to accomplish such as feat. Is Starbucks and Nikes compatible with a perfect world?

Yet, for Trump he has no anima. There is no true permeating uniting Zeitgeist with Trump. I don’t think Trump America will be remembered besides the drama. No major events have actually been accomplished, but that they have been attempted. The only safe bet for an accomplishment is war, but that’s not accomplishment, but just another reminder that the American Empire needs war in order to motivate itself. It will just be another presidency among those soon to come that will be a blob in the technological infosphere. We live in a world where we know that CEOs of corporations are effectively our leaders. There’s no artistic movement that will be associated with it. No architecture that will be assigned to it. No notable music that will be remembered or given credit to it. Even the artists actually avoid Trump. Punk in the day used to challenged Presidents, but where is the Punk? Trump America is a symptom of a society that’s reached a conclusion and has perfected itself so much that it simply replicates itself but also produces lifeless material such as robot music.

It would’ve been different if Trump had allies that were actual artists, but Trump is sort of a simulation living on Twitter. Trump marginalized some of the most important people in an advanced society which are the artists. You may not like art, but your entire world is actually designed with a series of aesthetics, so when the artists are in retreat or hiding or not creating, I suspect this has an effect of antagonizing the overall public sphere which includes politics. Where is the romance even today? Does it exists in the wake of our Gender Wars? Is Trump such as symbol of gross masculinity that he literally shut of the sex drive of most modern American women.

One of the major detriments to Trump America isn’t purely what people call him out on with his penchant for post-truths (making things up), his divisive rhetoric, his dog whistles to white supremacy while dishing off any sort of social justice analysis of our brutal history within the United States, but it’s really a matter of style. Trump has no style. There is no anima to Trump America. He’s not very cool despite having a lot of money. People will less money who were President actually seemed much cooler since they understand the peasantry, the streets, the grit, the graffiti, what it means to see someone run for a touchdown on a Friday Night in Texas or the hood or wherever. Trump himself was a creation of the very thing which is pulling people apart which is the postmodern gunk of the internet age.

Trump is Max Headroom but a right-wing version who was weaved into existence by armies of online trolls where many exists in this black hole of memes, racism, Darwinism, ethnic nationalism, the Occult, medieval fantasy escapism, meat and beans constipated Alex Jones right-wing tighty-whitey conspiracy theory, Aleksandr Dugin, wannabe Jordan B. Peterson philosophers (since Peterson isn’t a philosopher), fascist imagery or flags, the list goes on. Trump has no cultural sway on the United States unlike other Presidents, because due to technology and postmodernity, he’s a type of anomaly birthed from the internet. A simulation almost. Regardless, past Presidents had a sense of style in how they envisioned their country. We all remember Ronald Reagan’s suburbia with cult-classic films and having this common enemy to unite around; Bill Clinton was the joy of the post-Cold War era of capitalist convenience for the yuppie turned family man or woman; George W. Bush, even with his evangelical Christianity still had a type of suburban middle-class joy about it, and Obama strongly tapped into counterculture that was equivalent to urban cool of old school CBGBs or new wave, and this was a time of people experimenting with music, food like Anthony Bourdain, etc. There was a joy about traveling, seeing new cultures, learning and building bridges. People became interested in making the world a better place. I don’t get that Trump. What is the one causes he cares for in the environment? What type of music does he want to preserve? What American literature does he want people to rediscover? There was optimism despite the harshness of reality. Trump has no real sway over culture. He’s a part of it but has no real sway, largely since he’s so combative with and disliked by the artists who create the expressions that make an era iconic. When I think back to the 80s even though I probably wouldn’t have voted for Reagan, I still appreciate the artistic craft of that era be it New Wave, punk, awesome teen movies, the works. Sure, there’s way more important things than culture, but culture is also important. It’s like the climate in a room. It’s the Feng Shui of the house.

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