Multiple thoughts. I got banned on Twitter, how woke always had limitations, Clarence Thomas & Bohemian Grove, the Dalai Lama, NXIVM, Libya, Trans Rights Issues, Swimmers, etc. by Quinton Mitchell

I. I got permanently banned from Twitter. It’s sort of cool really. It’s an abysmal platform

II. Riley Gaines is so busy being an activist, I guess she’s forgetting to swim.

III. Woke. How a word was appropriated but how that word was always ineffective.

IV. The Dalai Lama, NXIVM, Libya, Erik Prince, Roger Stone, Hillary, Benghazi, and Political Bias in Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Theories, etc.

V. Alex Jones, Clarence Thomas, and Harlon Crow. Where’s the Bohemian Grove Outrage?

VI. Can we stop bullying trans or queer people? A Remembrance of the film Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie!

VII. The slight issues with entrepreneurs and the digital bourgeoisie and their understandings of socialism

I. I got permanently banned from Twitter. It’s sort of cool really. It’s an abysmal platform. Get out while you can.

Twitter, Inc., located at 1355 Market St, STE 900, San Francisco, CA 94103 (Phone: 415-222-9670) is now registered under X, Inc.

After doing a simple DUNS & Bradstreet check, X Holdings, Inc., with a DUNS of 118861027 is based at 2110 Ranch Road 620 S, Lakeway TX 78734-0201.

It seems Elon has registered the new company from a USPS post office in Lake Travis, TX right outside of Austin, TX.

Looking at X, Inc., “Corporate Linkages” it shows a total of 31 “Children Companies” such as Twitter in San Fran; Gnip, Inc., based out of Boulder, CO; Tellapart, Inc., based out of San Fransicso, and so many more. On a creepy note, I found a Department of Behavior and Logic, LLC under DUNS 079342637 based out San Francisco, etc at Twitter’s main SF addrses. The things about corporations is there’s so many spin-offs, research joint ventures, etc.

I think Jack Dorsey made a smart move. He realized the power of Twitter in its current form was too much. Twitter is basically its own Matrix universe so to properly run it you need way more infrastructure in place, yet the business model of Twitter like Facebook relying on advertising, could in no way sustain what needed to happen to reform things. You need robust a content moderation program that gives the public and/or users a sense of fairness and transparency, an army cyber security IT team, etc.

Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk remind me of There Will Be Blood with Paul Dano’s character. Paul Dano plays a set of twins, Paul and Eli Sunday, where the first twin, Paul, meets oil man Daniel Plainview (played by Daniel Day Lewis) and is the wise son, who gets his money from a finders fee and runs (later proven to have invested it wisely), whereas the second twin comes off as a vain religious leader and pariah who ends up getting into moral quandaries his pockets can’t quite cash. He has a need to control others and make them bend to his will. Dorsey represents the guy who got out, while Elon purchased Twitter out of a vanity project.

Elon isn’t a manager by design but he’s a hand-on Venture Capitalist, but he fell onto the right-wing bandwagon about alleged censorship (an idea even promoted by Joe Rogan who hosted Tim Pool versus Jack Dorsey), and he did this because it was a way for a dork to get validation.

By the way, being a dork is cool, if you’re a legit good person who so happens to have a love for nerdy things, but most importantly you don’t become an asshole.

Anyways, once he realized it was an easy source of validation, he doubled down. His minions – so desperate for a Christopher Nolan archetype of the Anglophile hero, though his quasi Rhodesian vibes gets him bonus points – egged him on to be their savior.

Like the nerd who becomes cool but then later must start bullying others to retain his coolness, Elon bought Twitter, tried to back out by scapegoating Twitter who wasn’t falling for his bluff, and because of possible legal suit, Elon finally took the reins.

Anyways, I joined late.

I joined in 2020 because friends said it was a good source of news. It was during the height of the COVID pandemic, so I signed up cautiously. I deleted my Facebook years ago around the time of Trump winning office because it was already a depressing arena (I remember how rabid Republicans were to Obama yet Republicans were someone surprised Democrats treated Trump the same but for actual good reason). I am sure I missed a lot of mind-numbing drama. My Myspace from 2007 is lost on some server or its merely a Wayback Machine screenshot somewhere either with Three Six Mafia or Coheed and Cambria playing on repeat on my profile page….

But last weekend I woke up, checked my Twitter and it said, “after careful review, we’ve banned you”. A week later they double downed and stood by their ban..

I got no warning. No example(s) of why I was banned.

The irony is that there are racists, supremacists, bigots, transphobes, homophobes, sexists, etc., on Twitter such as Matt Walsh calling for eradication of certain groups of people. But, is that OK? There’s even hardcore Marxist Communists on there praising how US veterans from Iraq deserved to have committed suicide, etc. The Taliban has a Twitter!

But I get banned? I’m not a narcissist but I must have struck a nerve which validates my thought process even more.

I pissed someone off.

I submitted an appeal because I would like to delete my account because it was a mistake to have ever wasted my time on the platform, but per Twitter, it takes up to 7 to 10 days to hear back. With my first appeal denied, I’m trying again. In theory, Twitter holds your information hostage when they could give you an immediate ultimatum, i.e., you can delete whatever content is under question and get a strike (like Instagram), or you can have a set amount of time to save any personal photos, contact followers, etc., and then delete your account once and for all.

It’s like a club. You can gather your things and leave, or “security” is giving you a warning, but not kicking you out quite yet.

I am not sure what I said.

Ha, was it me tagging Eva Longoria and Anna Kasparian of the Young Turks explaining about why Hispanics are turning Republican based on a segment TYT did, where I stated that many Hispanics are wanting to assimilate into a system that berates them so they can prove they truly belong, and some even pick up on anti-blackness a means of appealing to White Anglo Saxon Protestantism. Some are converting from Catholicism to Evangelical Bible Belt Christianity. Also, look at the Proud Boys leadership, Nick Fuentes, etc.

I even shared a personal story about how I saw a Mexican Family at a Hooters for their kids’ birthday with a Confederate Flag. I felt that Anna and Eva not being from the Deep South might lack the entire ground level story. But maybe that wasn’t why I got banned.

Maybe it is because I called out Holly Holm because of her winning speech in which she seems to have insinuated that trans kids is somehow linked with human trafficking, or some sort of Qanon anti-trans talking point. I wrote that men in the past would have looked at her physique and said she wasn’t lady like, so why is it ok that she has “manly features” (using conservative logic) but others can’t have features of gender they weren’t assigned at birth? I said the she and Gina Carano were the old school term of “tom boy”, and back in the day that used to be a problem to many, yet, she and Gina are enforcers of a traditional gender binary.

Or….Maybe it was me tagging the CIA because of how cringe a Vice Media interview went with Pakistan’s ex-president with the interviewer literally talking up to a guy who was almost assassinated because he hasn’t done enough allegedly for women in a very Muslim country surrounded by Taliban controlled Afghanistan and Hindu based India.

Maybe I tagged the CIA about why its weird there’s so many ex-CIA Youtubers like Andrew Bustamante seemingly giving up secrets of the spy trade, almost as if they are on YouTube to lasso the tin-foil Joe Rogan conspiracy types and steer them with whatever disinformation they feel suited. I joked that Mr. Bustamante looks like a Costa Rican beach bum scuba instructor who bangs lonley housewives and/or Tulsi Gabbard. Sorry…

Maybe I got banned for saying that Ashli Babbit was noted for cheating on her husband, like Queen Karen Marjorie Taylor Green cozying up to her cross-fit gym bros, and instead of being shot at J6, she should’ve been a swinger at the Hedonism II resort or in Pensacola FL like many down-low conservatives (where many are freaks in the sheets anyways, I would assume. I’m pretty sure Tinder is quite popular in Nashville and I’ve seen plenty of country girls offering their OnlyFans).

Or, maybe I got banned tagging Rianna Conner Carpenter, i.e., The Combat Barbie, who is an ex enlisted US Marine turned softcore glamour model who is now on the “Ending Woke” bandwagon. I wrote a post, which she liked after I called her out for saying it’s ok to be proud and white (I simply said black people say we’re proud to be black because we don’t know our unique origins). Further, I added she was too much of a baddie (her looks are whatever in a sea of women who look like her online) to be a right-wing conspiracy theorist, considering many right-wing men don’t respect her yet just want to use her (e.g., the Manosphere), but I understood because jackboot fascism needs hot women. It’s like a jihadist being promised virgins in the next life. It’s all about money for these fascist barbie types.

Maybe, back to the Eva Longoria/Anna Kasparian posts, is that I explained that Hispanic culture in part is a machismo culture, and the Progressive Left often comes off as the opposite, so many people not wanting social shame from their community, will double down with projections of hyper masculinity, etc. It sounds crude but Republican Fox News types offer men…good looking seemingly submissive women, whereas he Left fosters empowerment, feminism, etc. I agree with feminism, but I also understand that boys are easily lured in my hot women who can help validate their manhood and steer it on the path to war.

Or, maybe I called out King Elon Fuhrer Musk himself by saying that Twitter is now his personal plaything.

Or, maybe it was because I said that conservatives have politicized the Jeffrey Epstein case, making it seem like a unilateral Democratic conspiracy theory, when in fact, creeps like that don’t care about politics but only power. I am sure you had Republicans and conservatives involved in sexual abuses both past and present (just look at churches), such as Jim Jordon being silent about abuse at Ohio State University, or Matt Gaetz investigated for allegedly trafficking under-aged girls.

In my post on Epstein, I explained that simply because you meet someone doesn’t mean you’re digging through their stuff or inspecting their house. If you go to a barbeque by your neighbor, but then later he ends up being a creep, then for people to blame you for knowing the guy is silly, yet, conservatives are so hungry to push this Democratic, Pizzagate, Child Abuse 2.0, Qanon eschatology nonsense. Trafficking isn’t political and affects all people, all groups, etc. If anything, this allows pedophiles to hid among conservatives because all they need to do is blame Democrats as to get the scent off them.

Maybe Elon is simply purging profiles that don’t pay for his blue check mark?

Maybe I called Lauren Southern a racist because she is.

Who knows? But honestly, there was always something existential about signing on and pondering deleting Twitter because ultimately, it’s an echo chamber. There are no real support units on it even within the left wing. Everyone is searching for their idea to be the best one that gets a pat on the head. It’s a popularity contest at the end of the day rather than a good news tool, conversation platform, etc. You can’t edit texts, there are text limitations inless you pay (Facebook Note was better), etc. Even if you try to escape politics, good luck because it’s ultimately a news and debate platform, rather than a photo repository for artists, creators, etc.

Elon also has done nothing about “bots” despite him trying to initially back out of the Twitter deal because he said Twitter was hiding actual bot account stats. I had such a low number of followers (which was fine) because I deleted most requests because they were the typical b.s., sign up for my Only Fans, I’m from Russia or China or Iran burner accounts. If he was so committed to getting rid of bots, his team could make simple changes, such as preventing anonymous accounts, posting the country of origin from where Twitter profiles originated from where most originated before the implementation of VPN technology, etc.

II. Riley Gaines is so busy being an activist, I guess she’s forgetting to swim.

It seems that Riley Gaines is doing more to hurt her swimming career by not swimming and training, but rather she’s doing what most desperate college kids need to do, i.e., find a job, and her job it seems is to have a career in conservative media. This is the same conservative media arena that gave us Charlie Kirk who never finished college/never served in the military/never opened his own business from scratch, but also Candace Owens who never finished college and ironically used the NAACP in a racial discrimination case. Finishing college doesn’t mean you can’t have a profound opinion, but it also means you may not be as much of an expert on things you constantly talk about.

When Riley “lost”, i.e., tied, Lia Thomas, she was tied for fifth place, meaning biological ciswomen beat both.

If Lia vanished out of the thin air, Riley would have been in a safe fifth place? I thought conservatives don’t like participation trophies if you “don’t win it all” anyways?

You would think, even if she disagrees with trans women in her sport, that she would still be motivated to be the best athlete she could. Instead of complaining, why not triumph?

Maybe Lia was the excuse Riley needed to do what many in her generation want to do regardless of politics, i.e., have an easy job as a talking head making algorithm money or dark seed money from the Koch Brothers or Uihlein Family.

I also find it funny that Heather Sue Mercer, daughter of infamous billionaire conservative donor, Robert Mercer, sued Duke University for discrimination for not being given a fair chance of making the men’s football team as a placekicker, with Heather Sue even quoting Title IX. Is this an apples-to-apples comparison? Not fully, yet, if Heather Sue, daughter of the man partially responsible for the Cambridge Analytica scandal, can be an activist for inter-sex sports, then it’s interesting that the modern Right Wing is as transphobic as they are.

III. Woke. How a word was appropriated but how that word was always ineffective.

At this point, just be proud to be woke, because it’s obvious that people saying “woke” in a bad sense are just…following the crowd, playing culture war team sports. So, just give them what they want and be proud to be woke if that’s something you care about.

The right wing has turned the word into an annoying “eye roll” term so no one wants to be associated with it, yet, they’re also addicted to it because…what else do they have? It’s gotten to the point where kids who qualify for reduced lunch are woke.

But, woke simply means being aware. It’s that simple.  

It is about being aware as to how systemic oppression affected marginalized groups. Wokeness was typically a word used within Black Liberation political discourse usually expressed through casual conversation, i.e., chopping it up, where such discourse is influenced by an anti- and post-colonial mentality, i.e., discovering one’s roots.

Wokeness was basically “spitting facts” that calls out historical and systemic oppression, which is why it’s a term that was later coopted and then demonized, because it antagonizes the status quo of American Exceptionalism, white-washing atrocities, etc.

Wokeness isn’t purely racial but it is also economic, i.e., the working classes becoming more aware of capitalism’s inherent need to project a better world while also making the world worst off. Wokeness has also become a way for excuse for conservatives or pro-business types. If a person’s personal finances are bad, or career not going the way they want, etc., it’s easy to simply blame this abstract concept of wokeness, instead of admitting…maybe you just weren’t good enough, no on likes you, consumer sentiments change, etc.

Wokeness calls out the victory of those who dominated others into a moral quandary, i.e., it is a buzzkill to this concept of an entirely noble American project. And, that is what really angers people.

People want to celebrate without guilt, and it goes back to the adage of ignorance is bliss. We want the Costco frozen pizza, all-you-can eat breadsticks at Olive garden, the mid tier Kung Pao or general Tso chicken.

Even for people who want unity, the concept of wokeness poses the risk of stirring up divisions which can spillover between friends, couple, neighbors, citizens with their governments, etc. It usurps the notion of order and authority, which despite America’s vast diversity of people and opinions, is often viewed as one of our few unifying principles.

There’s a fear that wokeness will lead Kangaroo courts of androgynous, powder wigged, rotted teethed Jacobins cutting off heads for not being “down enough”.

Yet, wokeness is not bad, but rather we’ve been told it is bad because the term was coopted and spit out by Center-Left Liberals (Democrats) and Right-Wing conservatives (Republicans) where both never had good intentions towards wokeness. However, Commies using it can be annoying because constant social analysis is a means of waking up the working classes, i.e., culture war begets class struggle; however, Republicans are bad faith actors when they allege “Cultural Marxism” because anything not white, straight, male, and selfish is Communist.

Democrats appropriated the fiery somewhat “hip” rhetoric as a means of appealing to diverse voters, notably Black Americans and women regardless of race, but often end up with empty results, e.g., no comprehensive police reform, Roe vs Wade gone, accelerating defense spending while the communities of their voters have issues such as undrinkable water, etc. Kamala Harris for example persecuting people for marijuana, despite admitting having used it herself, and the White House firing staff who admitted to using it. Or, Bakari Sellers who can tap into his family’s Civil Rights participation and his HBCU connections, to throw Pro-Palestinian voices in the Progressive Caucus under the bus by working with AIPAC.

Yet, Republicans used the term woke to blanketly brush anything they disagreed with, considering conservatives seem to respond to simple thought-patterns and a very black/white as opposed to grey view of the world. The Republican appropriation of the word has metastasized into something akin to a witch-hunt hysteria caused by uttering one taboo word.

If a beer company acknowledges that gay people drink beer…it’s woke. If TV producers attempt to create more heroes outside the white heteronormative (straight) male…it’s woke. If NASA selects a highly qualified female with a strong science background to be a part of a space mission…it’s woke. If someone dares to say that our Founding Fathers either had slaves, were indifferent towards the condition of slaves, or didn’t use their power to accelerate abolitionism…it’s woke.  

Genuine people used woke as a means of discovery/awareness. Democrats used it to exploit their target audience by paying lip service to promises they didn’t keep and if they did keep it, it was with token hiring positions rather than systemic changes to US laws, policies, etc. Right Wingers used it as a term to project their hate on, and it worked to corral its masses, but this strategy has devolved into brain-dead drooling, knee jerk reactions, and itchy trigger fingers.  

However, I would argue that wokeness even before the word was appropriated was…ineffective.

Wokeness in the black community had an air of rap battle or barber shop banter, i.e., spitting facts as a means of feeling enlightened, but being humans, where humans are competitive, spitting facts never really resulted in any progress, besides giving individuals an air of sanctity. From starting from mainstream academic “Roots Research” to textbook Pan-Africanism with roots in Marcus Garvey to fringe Nation of Islam, Nuwaubian, Black Hebrew Israelites, Hotep thought, etc., there’s always an element of “spitting facts”, but for myself, almost 40 years, numbed into existential exegesis by America’s racial dynamics, I realized that…. facts don’t equate to actions or results.

You can be “woke”, but also…not very smart.

You can be aware but not very capable.

Wokeness in effect has an air of “novelty intellectualism”.

Regardless of race or background we are all guilty of novelty intellectualism. “Did you know this…?”, “Did you know that…?”, “Well, actually…”, “Um, but…”, etc. Being woke may come from the hard truth that life is boring and/or we don’t have full control over it, so filling our heads with facts is a way of ice-breaking, starting conversation, testing the waters of compatibility, etc., We’ve all been to parties, had deep “what is the meaning of it all” talks, and afterwards we may have said, “Yes, she’s cool”, “Yeah, he’s down”, etc.

You can have a brain full of facts, but for a race of people such as African Americans where there are sections with a very black nationalist mentality, this “wokeness” doesn’t build things. If anything its made us dumber as we seek to acquire fscts for social approval while living selfishly as bourgeoisie types, or being ignorant because why not? America “owes us something”?

It ends up translating as a passive way to get consolation without saying it, often via the mode of social media. Whomever says the most woke thing may get the most likes. For example, look at Instagram or Twitter. There’s essentially a separate “black” platform within these sites and the pages on Instagram for example are essentially self-help pages mixed with black nationalism, and maybe quotes about hustling within capitalism. The same videos recycles time and time again.

Wokeness, video essays, Critical Theory, Bell Hooks, etc., are not creating advanced technology, engineering, understanding agriculture, intensive medicine breakthroughs, Fortune 500 companies able to lobby and influence political power. This is important because even though African Americans are capable and it’s a miracle that we as a people have achieved as much as we have considering the brutual history and present of this country, we need realize…we are behind. We were truly freed in 1965 with the Civil and Voting Rights Act, which was just one decade removed from mass de-industrialization within Western advanced nations which therefore led to postmodern paradigm, where said paradigm is defined by the relativity of truth. With black people being freed upon and within the epoch of postmodern nihilism and the dawn of late-stage capitalism, the black quest for discovering one’s roots is prone towards slipping into non-scientific conspiracy theories (lacking extensive research, peer review, etc.), or, people are simply over-saturated with our digital reality making learning, on top of surviving in an economy prone to inflationary pressures, become tired, indifferent, etc.

White people for example don’t need to know all these hard sciences because there was an infrastructure built predominately by them and for them, where new generations, don’t have the insecurity of feeling behind. 99% of white people can coopted their own 1% hard work and get the higher quality value by association. The irony of our modern resurgence in white supremacy is that…most of its adherents are nobodies and they need nostalgia and a return to a better time to simply coddle their egos, and their violence is projection of this, like a child having a temper tantrum.

I would say that black academic achievement lacks not because of innate cognitive differences, and not just because of environment (poverty, crime, pollution, etc.), but because of confidence. With or without Critical Race Theory (CRT) how hard is it to teach children of all races the different types of African cultures (Bantu, Nilotic, San, etc.) or the rich history of kingdoms in West Africa? In other words, pre-slavery black culture. Black children have a natural sense of “catch up” because the weight of Western Civilization that fell upon them, often doesn’t include them, which is ironic because African Americans are a branch of Western civilization, like other assimilated groups, e.g., the Germanic tribes forcibly assimilated by the Romans and Franks, etc.

Wokeness thus ends up leading to either (a) a healthy sense of self, (b) off the deep in conspiracy, or (c) black nihilism but a nihilism lacking Nietzschean theurgy that ends up resembling pure nihilism of seeing no point. One can only be presented with so many facts before the existential angst of the need to act, i.e., “to be or not be”, comes into play. Wokeness also doesn’t protect black people from black pariahs, who focus on emotionalism, mythology building, and eschatology (the concept of a world to come) rather than building infrastructure. For example, the Nation of Islam surely had enough money at some point to have built hospitals, homes, invested in science, create a trust fund, etc., but where are the results? Even the “blackest” bourgeoisie black excellence capitalist will only donate a church or host a turkey-giving bloc party during the holidays.

The vision is lacking, but the need for pride and pride in general is already showing. Flash before systemic substance.

I am not trying to preach or sound like I am better. But at least I can admit it.

For example, if you are black name one place in the America that’s not Atlanta, where you’re like…this is place built by black people that is a world class place where everyone regardless of race wants to go because of the schools, food, culture, etc.?

Sure, we can spit facts about the Transatlantic Slave Trade, The Red Summer of the nineteen-teens where lynching spiked, the raising of Black Wall Street, the first this or that event be it scientists or doctor or 4 star general, and to the quasi superstitious fear of homosexuality as if homosexuality was always a learned behavior from acts such as “buck busting” where allegedly slave-owners systematically sodomized male slaves (a fear echoed in the black Mansophere but also within white stereotypes about effeminate black men or jailed black men in contrast to “capable” “law abiding” white men, yet also a fear within black femininity with their claim about the lack of black male partners either due to fear of homosexuality or feelings of being less desirable in relation to interracial dating or being “too dark skinned).

We can talk, talk, talk, but what we end up doing is ultimately airing dirty laundry that doesn’t need to be aired or isn’t worth our time anymore.

The social and qualitative sciences are easy.

Black people need hard sciences, patents, joint research, etc. Because, the thing about white culture (and this is anti-white), notably Germanic type of cultures is that they focus on self-reliance, i.e., this is why they wear camo, worship the outdoors, train with guns, and most Right-Wing discourse if passive dog-whistles about “preservation”, etc. It’s about capability. These skills aren’t alien to black people. Black people in the USA descend from rural self-reliance roots but urbanization largely outsourced these skills, but even before our ancestors landed on American soil, we were hunters, builders, etc.

IV. The Dalai Lama, NXIVM, Libya, Erik Prince, Roger Stone, Hillary, Benghazi, and Political Bias in Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Theories, etc.

So, the Dalai Lama is in trouble for kissing a child on the lips and then asking that child to continue with another disgusting act of…sucking his tongue. I have no words for it, I don’t understand what he was doing, etc.

I’ll let you think on that, but now that the Dalai Lama is back in the mainstream, I want to go back to previous “research” (reading articles) I did in the past about the Dali Lama, his entourage’s ties to the NXIVM sex cult, and how the NXIVM sex cult had odd ties to both Roger Stone of Trump but also the Benghazi Situation that occurred under Hillary Clinton before the fall of Libya.

First off, I like the United States, I love my country, I support the West, etc., but in a landscape of conspiracy theories and asymmetric warfare in an ever-growing Right-Wing reactionary world where such reactionaries are attempting to link atrocities like pedophilia explicitly with liberalism or left wing thought, it is best to call out oddities within the US/West otherwise silence means culpability and this culpability can be exploited by enemies, both domestic and foreign.

Sisters, Claire, and Sara Bronfman were higher ups in the NXIVM sex cults, with Sara Bronfman in 2009 reportedly having had a sexual relationship with Lama Tenzin Dhonden, an entourage (like a Cardinal to the Pope) of the Dalai Lama, who was also seen being cozy with now felon and ex-TV actress Alison Mack.

The Dalai Lama wrote the forward to a a book by NXIVM founder Keith Raniere titled, Sphinx & Thelxiepeia.

Sara Bronfman married Libyan-Swiss national Basit Igtet, who led the peace talks between government and rebel forces in Libya under the National Transitional Council as a special enjoy in 2011. It’s important to note that Libya is home to the Trans-African corridor which is an important smuggling and trafficking route, and it’s obvious that Swiss banks such as UBS and Credit Suisse have been involved in drug money, etc. According to Matthew Cole (2019) of The Intercept, stated that Erik Prince, the founder of the notorious mercenary firm Blackwater and a prominent Donald Trump supporter, aided a plot called Project Opus to move U.S.-made attack helicopters, weapons, and other military equipment from Jordan to a renegade commander fighting for control of war-torn Libya which violated the U.N. arms embargo for Libya. The mission included setting up a termination squad based on the elite U.S. Joint Special Operations Command model. Prince’s lawyer, Matthews Schwartz, denied Prince’s involvement. Also, the mission according to the UN report cost $80 million but no one knows the actual source, yet, the article by Cole (2019) speculates that it came from UAE.

A team of mercenaries planned to use the aircraft to help the commander, Khalifa Hifter, a U.S. citizen and former CIA asset, defeat Libya’s U.N.-recognized and U.S.-backed government (Cole, 2019, The Intercept). After the plot failed, Prince still eager to get Hiftner into power sent his minion Christiaan Durrant to meets with members of Trump’s National Security Council at an officer’s club near the White House (likely frequented by Pentagon members). They wanted Trump to help pressure Jordan to approve the arms deal because they claimed Russia was also bidding for Hiftner’s accession.

It is a theory but whoever owns the smuggling routes, controls black markets, and black markets are vital for intel, coopting shadowy figures to overthrow governments or do hits, etc. Libya is strategic important, has mineral resources, and is a coordinator for international drug trafficking including form Mexican Cartels. According to Vanda Felbab-Brown (2022) of The Brookings Institute, the collapse that followed the overthrow of the Muammar el-Qaddafi regime in Libya in 2011, and the subsequent civil war in the country and rise of assorted militias and warlords, provided both weapons and logistical assets for both criminal rackets and politically motivated violence across the Sahel.

Sara and Claire Bronfman are daughters of Edgar Bronfman, Sr., and brother to Edgar Bronfman, Jr., a former Warner Music executive. Edgard Bronfman, Sr., the former head of the Seagram Empire, who got his start in bootlegging, later become the president of the World Jewish Congress and an advocate for improving Russian and Israeli relations.

The Bronfman Family is related to the Morgenthau family just to name a few, where the Morgenthau Family produced Henry Morgenthau, Sr., the first Jewish American in the presidential line of successions who served as FDR’s Treasury Secretary, but also Henry Morgenthau, Jr., who was a career judge in the famous Southern District Court of New York where he oversaw major cases such as those investigating the BCCI Bank, a bank involved in the Iran Contra Case (which was investigated by Bob Mueller but overseen by John Kerry in Congressional hearings).

NXIVM to me like other cults with some loose plausibly deniable links to governments or NGOs was a “brothel” for the foreign dignitaries as a means of getting them to comply either willfully, or even possibly with coercion (sex entrapment as was the likely case with Jeffrey Epstein). Tibet for example is important in “capping” China because the West can call out any Chinese human rights abuses in the now annexed territory. It’s a strategy likely descended from Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Grand Chessboard strategy, i.e., whomever rules Central Asia in theory controls the world because Central Asia serves as spring broad between East (Asia) and West (Europe), North (Russia, Arctic), and South (Middle East), etc.

In regard to Roger Stone, according to Gillian Edevane (2018), the controversial political strategist confirmed to Newsweek that he worked as a lobbyist for the group, which was founded in 1998, for about two months in 2007. Stone said he audited one of the organization’s executive success workshops but was never officially enrolled, adding that he never saw anything that gave him reason to think NXIVM (pronounced “Nexium”) was involved in abuse. Even though Roger Stone led a sexually libertine lifestyle, I can’t say that he was involved with NXIVM as far as abuse, yet, as far as the world of conspiracy theory, conservatives will simply associate anyone they don’t like with conspiracies for simply having known someone.

Why aren’t conservatives for example amping up the fact that Trump knew Epstein and Trump knows Stone whereas Stone at some time and at some capacity, that will likely never know truly,

For example, on Twitter when speak about Jeffrey Epstein’s Island, but their list interestingly only includes Democrats, because this feeds into the Hollyweird, Pizza-Gate, Qanon eschatology. This partisan cooption of the moral virtue of fighting human trafficking and child abuse as a means of undermining your political enemies is not only morally low but realistically dangerous, because actual predators will simply adapt by pretending to be the anti-child abuse crusaders, and there’s plenty of mentally ill wannabe heroes who might hurt innocent people.

We all know that abuse can be done by anyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sex, orientation, assignment, age, religion, political affiliation, and it can be a stranger or from a person close to a victim.

If you get invited to some island that you hear is owned by some eccentric billionaire who has been donating to nerdy science projects, maybe you might have gone. People make it seems like Epstein was hosting science fairs while having underage strippers serving caviar. I’m pretty sure Epstein was some sort of intel asset or useful idiot who got adopted into the “game” by his ex-girlfriend’s, Ghislaine Maxwell, who dad, Robert Maxwell, was likely a spy involved in industrial trade secret theft. His island isn’t massive but I’m sure it’s not the size of a studio apartment. People make it seem like you simply get off a helicopter and it turns into a combination of a Scooby Doo mystery meets To Catch a Predator. Most people were probably like…this is a nice place, um, do I need to take my shoes off? Jeffrey gave them some slippers, Avian water, and then tried to steal his guest’s cellphone records or credit card information, etc.  

A further irony about those trying to make the Epstein case a political partisan issue, is that conspiracy theory is a form of “wokeness” in the worst sense of the world. It has turned everyone into a know-it-all who barely does any research themselves, but by talking about Epstein all the time it’s an easy way to “seem based” without fully understanding all the facts, since we don’t have all the facts.

Some Sources: (1) Matthew Cole, 2021, Project Opus: Erik Prince and the failed plot to arm an ex-CIA asset turned warlord in Libya, The Intercept,, (2) Vanda Felbab-Brown, 2022, The foreign policies of the Sinaloa Cartel and CJNG – Part III: Africa, The Brookings Institute,, (3) Gillian Edevane, Newsweek, 2018, NXIVM: How Is Former Trump Adviser Roger Stone Connected to ‘Cult” Allegedly Led by Allison Mack, Keith Raniere?

V. Alex Jones, Clarence Thomas, and Harlon Crow. Where’s the Bohemian Grove Outrage?

So, Alex Jones way back supposedly snuck into Bohemian Grove. We all know that Alex Jones in recent decades has been a Right-Wing conspiracy theorist. His blabber seems like pure nonsense with some facts sprinkled in, so the facts stick making him seem aware, but his blabber could be argued as a type of subliminal mind game. Yet, Alex with his Bohemian Grove or Bilderberg Group videos made him very popular. Yet, fast-forward, Clarence Thomas is in hot water for getting personal gifts from right-wing megadonor Harlon Crow. Crow is a member of Bohemian Grove. So, since Thomas is in the ecosystem of Trump, and Crow a close friend to Thomas…why isn’t Alex Jones talking about the Bohemian Grove ties? Seems like Jones uses conspiracy as a weapon to shape the world in the image he wants, or his powerful Right-Wing friends. Joe Rogan talked about Bohemian Grove, but I wonder what are his thoughts on Conservative Justice Thomas who is siding with the everygrowing Christian Nationalist movement having a donor who is a member of Bohemian Grove.

VI. Can we stop bullying trans or queer people? A Remembrance of the film Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie!

The more hate that keeps falling on Trans or queer people, the more I support them. If anything, Republicans with their dark age woogedy boogedy paranoia about LGBTQ people makes me want to support them more, which I figure isn’t what conservatives want. The sheer amount of focus and talks that conservatives have about LGBTQ people first makes me numb in a world that it is already numbing, but it also makes me build humanist connections with LGBTQ people because they are living in fear, do not have equal rights, etc.

I used to be very homophobic because I was raised to be that way because everyone in the 1980s through early 2000s was. But I can’t even remember feeling homophobic because it was hatred. I’m tired of “manly men” pretending to hate gay people as if we need that to be real men. It’s super childish, super middle school, etc. Honestly, I’m just not phased by the personal lives or sexuality of LGBTQ people.

First off, my mind can’t fully process it, because I am attracted to femininity, so it’s odd to me the people who obsess over gay people because that fear does mean a person is thinking on it more than they’d like to admit.

Also, I see no issue if a person wants to transition their sex or gender. We were likely around Trans people but never knew. I suspect most Trans people want to be left alone. I’m also tired of people thinking that being Trans means that you are a predator when most of our modern prolific groomers or criminals have been cisgender people. Also, when it comes to Drag, it is an artform. It may not be an artform that I gravitate towards, but the funny thing is drag is very popular in the South. Many Republican MAGA women I remember would often go to Drag shows for bachelorette parties.

I remember as a kid watching the movie Too Wong Foo with Wesley Snipes, John Leguizamo, and Patrick Swayze, and I didn’t become gay, I don’t wear makeup. If anything, my childhood innocence probably made me see them as people.

VII. The slight issues with entrepreneurs and the digital bourgeoisie and their understandings of socialism

Entrepreneurs worship and yell from the bullhorn about the sanctity of capitalism, but they are often only exploiting themselves or at a minimum a small team of people. And, this is “fine”, because in theory there’s less people, personal relations develop, and labor isn’t as compartmentalized where workers can’t see the results of their work, but most importantly, if ran by a good leader with a sustainable profit model, small teams can pay adequately to live on and pursue happiness.

We live in a world of the “digital bourgeoisie”, i.e., a new class of new money from YouTube, OnlyFans, Twitch streamers, buying the dip in our cyclical stock markets, Bitcoin bros, etc.

These people I notice, typically those on YouTube often praise capitalism, yet…even though they have money they are really exploiting themselves, whereas CEOs of corporations or large businesses are exploiting large groups of people. The end up supporting a system that has exploited the masses in many ways, but they are too self-obsessed about their own personal wealth.

Since entrepreneurs are exploiting themselves, they are entitled to their profits, yet, of course like everyone else they are eligible to pay a tax of some form, i.e., throw into the pot. An artist, music producer, sex worker, musician, barber, etc., aren’t really exploiting anyone but themselves, whereas an Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos are sitting atop massive industries, bossing others around, underpaying their essential workers, busting unions, etc., while controlling thousands if not tens of thousands of workers. So, yes, they deserve to be subject to “socialism”, i.e., either higher tax, allowing unions, worker representation on corporate boards, etc.  CEOs like Musk, Bezos, Gates, etc., are essentially given power because they came up with an idea, yet it’s the workers who make those ideas into reality because they have the core competencies within division-of-labor to do so. If Bill Gates was making every version of Windows in his garage, the product had good quality, then sure he deserves to keep the vast majority, i.e., the lions share. If, Jeff Bezos was delivering every package, then sure he gets to keep his lions share. But, it’s not that. Rather, it’s a modern “more humane” version of feudalism, where the notion of an idea, i.e., patents, intellectual property, etc., are considered “things” like property, where simply because you come up with an idea you are entitled to the lions share because your workers are essentially just serfs getting protection living off your “idea”.

But, are you entitled to profit from your own ideas? Sure. But I feel up to a certain point. For example, I think it is unfair to tax out of existence small businesses or newly created ones, and small businesses are required to make tough decisions because they don’t have the leverage, scale, legal clout, etc., that larger businesses do. Yet, even though I think owners/creators are entitled to their profits in their developmental/early profitable years and should be allowed to make tough decisions on their quest towards reaching profitability, once they achieve profitability, then at it comes required to sharing the wealth and power, even if something as simple as employee voting on a small scale, or mass unionization for large corporations, etc. Yet, many businesses might simply operate a constant loss so owners retain power, yet, this could be fixed by requiring business plans about how they intend to become profitable (factoring in market conditions they don’t control), and if plans aren’t met, then either more taxes are levied or more employee ownership is initiated.

But as to not get too lost in a theoretical system, for now, let’s stay on track of focusing on the slight issues with entrepreneurs.

As entrepreneurs cheerlead for capitalism as is, they are often getting in the way of important conversations that help understand the complex structures and negatives of “systemic capitalism” where in the modern world it is largely managed via corporatism. Their debates against leftist be they true leftists under ideas such as Socialism, or left-leaning liberals (e.g., welfare capitalism, culturally inclusive capitalists, etc.), often ends up being as utopian sounding as how they claim socialism sounds utopian. The will of the individualist, enlightened man on his quest to be Marcus Aurelius Stoic, Sun Tzu Art of War reading, Rules of Power espousing, meets Nietzschean Übermensch.

As they argue for unfettered capitalism from their positions as individual entrepreneurs, on their quest to cut government as a means of saving taxes, they rarely stare at what’s going on behind the scenes. They are selling the meal, but not telling us the lips, dicks, and assholes that are in the sausage, or the child labor, or the toxic dumping, or how lobbyists lobby to keep things illegal because it’s more profitable to keep certain things illegal, etc., for example, private prisons not wanting drug reform.

The criticisms of capitalism do not necessarily fall on the productive individual exploiting themselves but rather the individual who exploits the masses and while also including a criticism of systemic capitalism, i.e., a system of multiple complexes (the synthesis of state and industry specific businesses where corporate profits ultimately buys government) where capitalism is the internal logos (brain) of everything and in which capitalism pervades every aspect of life.

Capitalism as famously quoted elsewhere has convinced us there is no other system.

Entrepreneurs as they talk about hustle culture, grinding, the virtues of homo economicus, etc., end up diverting our attention away from the systemic impacts of capitalism, i.e., the polluted supply chain, the fact that it’s not profitable to…fix or maintain things, etc.

Socialism before you jump steps and land on your idea of what you think socialism is, which are likely Marxist-Leninist variants such as Stalinism, Maoism, Castro-ism, etc., i.e., authoritarian cult-of-personality based communism, we need to understand that ultimately and most simply is that socialism, which precedes communism (a type of socialism) is about labor relations.

It is about your individual relation to a boss, owner, or employer and the spread or ratio of who keeps profits in the end. Communism, a type of socialism, seeks to have the workers own the means of production as a means of alleviating wealth disparity, since profits are ultimately fueled by wage-theft (underpaying) or by replacing human labor with technology, while still requiring the working classes to pay to…essentially live, e.g., pay rents to private landlords, etc.

Socialism is a broad umbrella term encompassing various theories, ideas, systems, etc. Socialism is the overarching idea, while Communism is a specific type of socialism, Marxism of Marx and Engels is a specific analysis method towards achieving Communism, Leninism is a specific nation-based experiment of Marxism creating Marxist Leninism, etc. You can be a socialist but not a communist, such as an anarchist. You can also be a socialist who likes parts of Marx but not all his conclusions such as the Reformism or Revisionist Socialists such as the Fabian Society, etc. Orthodox Marxist often feel they are only true framework of “scientific socialism”, because any other form is too appeasing towards liberalism, i.e., individualism, private property, etc.