Bernie Sanders and Wall Street are compatible.

And, that’s a good thing. I’m not saying certain practice on Wall Street don’t need to be regulated, but stocks and socialism can be mesh and will mesh in the the USA because the truth is Bernie won’t do everything he’s saying, but he should win. I voted early for Bernie. I donated to Bernie. I defend Bernie but I can also understand that he’ll need business to accomplish his mission. A Bernie Sanders America would be more like France or England more than Russia during Perestroika or Glasnost. That’s just reality and that’s good. The amount of checks and balances in government should eradicate any fear in those who fear Bernie because of the word, yes – just a word, of socialism. He’s the only consistent candidate. If Trump’s populism had 4 years which unleashed fringe white supremacy creating a very noble backlash by “Social Justice Warriors”, i.e., people who are fed up of negative behavior keeping others down, then Bernie should have 4 years largely since his base is about Power to the People regardless of who they are. It’s about community.

Bernie Sanders and Wall Street are compatible. Bernie shouldn’t scare the stock market; the stock market should like Bernie. A few companies that could benefit.

France, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Canada all have stock exchanges and a more expansive welfare state to spread the costs across a society. I like socialism and I’ve live in a socialist democracy before and honestly….it’s cool. It’s beyond cool. I also like stocks. **** THIS ISN’T FINANCIAL ADVICE BUT RATHER A THEORY OF HOW BERNIE AND THE STOCK MARKET CAN WORK TOGETHER ****

Green New Deal: Green Energy segment ranging from solar panels, green utility companies, battery manufacturers for electric cars, windmill manufacturers, recycling collection. Brookfield Energy Partners (BEP); Canadian Solar (CSIQ); Renewables Energy Group (REGI); Terraform Power, Inc (TERP); Tesla (TSLA); Waste Management (WM) which offers recycling; Ormat Technologies (ORA); General Electric (GE) which has skills in power distribution, etc.; silicon producers which is vital for solar cells such as Tokuyama Corp (TKYMY), Wacker Chemie AG (WKCMF), etc. Yet, when it comes to power infrastructure and controls, you have companies such as Rockwell Automation (ROK), Eaton Corp (ETN),

Universal Education: Sectors that could benefit from Universal Education by driving up demand with federal subsidy spread across the population would include Testing services, book distributors, food providers, and even student loan industries since certain services won’t be covered such as room and board, supplies, travel, etc. Companies such as Chegg (CHGG); American Campus Communities is an REIT that invests in Dormitory housing (ACC); Aramark (ARMK); Sodexho (SDXAY); Pearson PLC (PSO); Cengage which is private but owned by BlackRock (BLK), Franklin Mutual Advisers (BEN), Oaktree Capital Management (OAK), Searchlight Capital Partners, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR); Scholastic Corporation (SCHL); Amazon (AMZN); Starbucks (SBUX); Yum Brand (YUM); Texas Instruments (TXN); Microsoft (MSFT); Apple (AAPL); Jacobs Engineering (J) does Architectural and Engineering services including designing college facilities.

Medicare For All: Diagnostics such as Quest Diagnostics, Inc. (DGX), Neogenomics (NEO) and LabCorp (LH), Lab Equipment; Medical Equipment such GE (MRI machines), ThermoFischer (TMO), Mettler Toledo (MTD), Aligent (A), Koninklijke Philips (PHG); Real Estate Investment Trusts dedicated to Medical Facilities such Medical Property Trust Inc (MPW), Healthpeak Properties (PEAK), Small Cap Pharma engaged in R&D who will have a higher chance of passing trial tests if more people are insured

Yet, markets like certainty and Bernie hasn’t done a good job of at least sitting in a room with business leaders about working things out. Socialism isn’t incompatible with capitalism. Bernie in his head might be a Socialist, just like some Republican might think they’re a Libertarian, but the truth is regarding both, in the outside world, is that the system is a mesh of both. Did we call Reagan a socialist for driving up military spending? Do we call Democrats libertarians because they may be easier on marijuana consumption? Bernie isn’t a threat, but he should be President of the United States as a moral beacon, but the Constitution was wise regardless of who held power because of checks and balances. Bernie would still have to deal with the Congress, SCOTUS, the federal circuit courts, and State Governments. He won’t be Mao, but he’ll be a Mitterrand of France.

What Socialist don’t realize is that government doesn’t really do the work, but rather it’s the job of suppliers, contractors, vendors, etc., who provide the goods and services. I know because I was the guy in government who spent the money on contracted work and the acquisition of items, i.e., I am in Procurement. What the Right Wing doesn’t get is that there is no true free market in the United States. At some point or another tax dollars are subsidizing the economy either through direct contracts (giving business money) or indirectly through public works, such as Corporations that may not pay taxes as much as they should, utilizing public roads or police, etc.

So, when Bernie Sanders talks about the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and Universal Higher Education, from a reactionary standpoint, it instantly insinuates a type of “wastefulness” that it is inefficient when compared to supply-side economics, free markets, supply and demand, etc. However, these ideas Bernie has are essentially stimulus packages where businesses that are both public and private can benefit. Did the GI Bill destroy the United States? No. Did Medicare drive all the good doctors from the USA? No. Does the Federal Government put businesses out of business for simply existing? No. In fact, if the government were to pull back spending via stimulus, particularly if it abolished contracting, the nation would likely go into a Recession and Depression, even, though, sure, Free Markets would fil the void by possibly creating efficiencies but at the cost of employing people (doing more with less), wages (paying people less; temp workers, etc.), etc.

Hey, guest what?

France is a Social Democracy and they have a stock market, is home to some of the world’s most powerful companies, has a powerful military, and the people not only live a life of materialist consumption and entertainment…they also have healthcare and education. What Bernie Sander’s wants is more in alignment with what you see in France. The funny things to most Americans who call themselves Patriots, which is great if you do, is that France and United States are twins. Think of them that way. We both had our Revolutions, we both inspired and funded each other at various time throughout our history. We are both Democracies despite being organized differently, i.e., the U.S. is a Constitutional Democratic Republic held in Union, whereas France is a Democracy based around a Unitarian form of government with a revolutionary sentiment based on class struggle against the Ancient Regime (nobility) which evolved into an acceptance of Marxist Theory – hence, why French people value workers and organized labor. The United States and France are spiritually linked. We have the Statue of Liberty (which was gift from France) and France has Marianne.