J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye by proxy unveils the dark roots of Silicon Valley by Quinton Mitchell.

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It all sound so absurd. As if it’s a plot from The Adventures of Johnny Quest, or even more absurd, an episode of The Venture Brothers, James Bond plot, or The Simpson’s episode Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in “The Curse of the Flying Hellfish”. Yet this isn’t fantasy. This ins’t a joke. We’re talking about Neo Nazi Mercenary groups under the watchful eye of the Central Intelligence Agency who were war-criminals responsible not only for the 6 million deaths of Jewish people, and millions of others, but we’re also talking about how Wall Street, German, British and American Industrialists, and Nazis helped to create an underground network spanning drug trafficking, assasinations, and the movements which would inspire domestic terrorists. It’s more like Schindler’s List meets Lethal Weapon, American Gangster, Blow, Buffalo Soldiers, The Pirates of Silicon Valley, Mad Men, and with cut scenes to Apollo 13. But, a lot of the people in this paper were very bad people with ties to the Einsatzgruppen (death squads), SS (elite paramilitary and officers), SD (Sicherheitsdienst – SS foreign intelligence service), Grossdeutschland Guard Battalion (diplomat and high ranking officer protection), Strumbannarzt (Storm Trooper Doctor), the Jagdverbande (Hunting Group), the Gestaop, and Abwehr. The disheartening part is America’s role in coddling post-war Nazis and their ideology merged with American conservatism all on the auspicies of beating Communism, despite the fact that Russia was our ally in WW2, and the Russians demanded justify for Nazi war crimes. It is a sour part on the history of the US intelligence community which has been used by foreign counter-intelligence in launching anti-American propagapnda. This isn’t just another Catcher in the Rye analysis, not is it another reminder of the fact that we know Nazis contributed to Operation Paperclip. I’m not getting lost in “mind control” conspiracy theories. This paper is about correlations between post-war Nazis, the Military Complex, and the growth of right-wing groups in politics but also…clandestine operations. This isn’t an indictment to anyone such as the people of SoCal (Southern California), Orange County, etc. These are beautiful places with unique culture, a great economy, families, etc. This paper is more about history and to serve as an exercise in perspective building. This paper will go into history, business, stocks, archived news articles, etc. I’m all about peace, unity, prosperity, God Bless America, peace to America’s allies, yet, we really have to look at our past and understand it. I stand against racism in any form.

Standard picture of Werner Von Braun from his collaboration with Disney for Man in Space

1. (NOTES FROM THE AUTHOR) This paper is dedicated to the memory of those, such as the Jews, European civilians, etc., who perished in WW2, but also to those currently living who are scarred my movements which trace roots to parties of hatred. Despite, my beliefs on the current unfolding agenda which involves the Zionists pertaining to Russia, the exportation of US technology, Noahide Laws, Israel’s relations to the Russian-Chinese Belt and Road Project, and a general sense of supremacy advocated by religious Zionist radicals, I however still feel for the Jewish people, and plan on donating to the Simon Wiesenthal Center. We live in complicated times now. Antisemitism is supposedly on the rise, which is believable, yet, then again it seems like the antisemitism narrative has seen as an opportunity by Zionists and in many cases, Zionists have been complicit with growing hatred. As a Black American, particularly when doing research or listening to others, I’m between a rock in a hard place, because from my view there seems to be a White Supremacy conspiracy as well as a Zionist one, but both camps point the finger at each other, despite their being a type of symbiotic relationship between the two. Also, this paper isn’t to indict anyone on any racial or ethnic grounds such as people of German heritage. I lived in Germany as a child in Mannheim (even visiting the infamous Eagle’s Nest to understand history and Black Forest), I’m a fan of its history (particularly medieval history) and feel a special attachment to the nation. Simply because there’s issues to be worked out doesn’t mean we need to advocate for hate.

My father and I at the the Eagle’s Nest in Germany. My father served over 23 years in the United States Army and we lived in Germany in Mannheim but were able to travel throughout county mostly to Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. We actually stayed at the hotel that used to house Hitler’s officers at Berchtesgaden, and all the American kids, of all races, played video games and I remember watching Married With Children.

I’m a veteran of the United States Air Force who received a degree in Business Administration, with a concentration of Economics; an additional Associates of Applied Science in Contracts Management, and a Master of Science degree in Operations Management. I currently work in the defense industry and I’m interested in the “kookier history” of the Military Complex. In a different life I would’ve been a hippie drafted into the Vietnam War, still patriotic, but also suspicious of the government and supremacy.

Me as a child and then grown up at Basic Training Graduation in 2011.

This paper, relating to technology, links to my other pieces such as (1) Is Joe Rogan a Neoplatonist? (2) Williams S. Burroughs could’ve been a Steven Jobs and (3) Existentialism in the Complex. An image in the Dark Spiral. Technology, R&D, Epstein, and our Smart Future and (4), importantly, The Curious Case of Katie Hill: The Mysterious Tattoo. A case for Katie. However, my series on the ACSZ Network also ties to the history of Iran-Contra, Zionism, CIA, drug markets, and more current intrigues such as that around the MAGA Administration, Russia, etc. I’m excavating the overlap between defense, technology participation between the DOD and corporations, and deep state clandestine missions involving Right-Wing drug trafficking and its possible effects on creating Neo Nazi movements, etc.

2. (PURPOSE) (1) To explain that JD Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye wasn’t about ‘mind control’ but rather Salinger knowing the truth that his Army CIC Unit with the OSS was letting Nazis off the hook, and (2) arguing that the CIA likely helped to create the Neo Nazi movement in the United States by analyzing Operation Paperclip scientists in areas associated with the Aerospace Industry such as LA and Orange County, CA (Huntington Beach called the Neo Nazi capital of the USA), Brevard County in Florida (home to NASA), etc. Neo Nazis seems to be an offshoot of the USA’s stance against Communism in the Cold War and Neo Nazis grew out of the John Birch Society (Revilo P. Oliver went to help the National Youth Alliance of William Luther Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries – which inspired The Oklahoma City Bombings) and World Anti-Communist League rhetoric. Yet, the CIA was using Nazi drug-rings and private contractors to help set up “black markets” to create slush funds to fund revolutions and clandestine operations. The close association of Department of Defense technology research and Cold War drug financing seems to have played a key role in generating the Neo Nazi Movement and its links to biker gangs. Neo Nazis with CIA backing and/or FBI handling where able to move guns and drugs particularly up the 1-5 and 1-95 corridors next to Latin America, and places like the I-5 corridor, Texas, and Florida’s Space Coast are high-technology centers.   

3. (FORWARD) It’s my opinion that Catcher in the Rye wasn’t a “mind control book” which is how it’s argued in pop-culture or counterculture, but rather it was book that was an analogy for JD Salinger’s time in the US Army Counter Intelligence Command and the possibility that Salinger’s CIC work led him to stumble upon the most blatant treason…the fact that the United States government, CIA (Office of Strategic Services & Strategic Services Unit), US Joint Intelligence Agency, and the US Army CIC were letting Nazi war-criminals off the hook. Some of these Nazis were Reinhard Gehlen (Hitler’s Intelligence head), Klaus Barbie (the Butcher of Lyon), Otto Skorzeny (Hitler’s Special Forces Commando), and Otto Von Bolschwing (one of the architects of the Final Solution).

Gehlen would go to establish the West German Intelligence Agency, the BND, but the Gehlen Organization has ties to Klaus Barbie who helped set up early cocaine operations in Bolivia, and Otto Von Bolshcwing would go California to work in technology in Sacramento (close to the Reagan Administration via his Secretary Helene Von Damm) and in an early Silicon Valley. Otto was close to William Newsom, the father of Gavin Newsom (the Governor of California), and the Newsom Family where in-laws to the Pelosi family of Nancy Pelosi – all within the Silicon Valley area. Otto Skorzeny also did contract bodyguard work for Juan Peron in Argentina in a time where the United States government was starting to utilize Latin American nations to counter Communism, and later in this text, the corporation, ITT, via Otto Von Bolschwing’s friend, Emanuel Fthenakis (associated with Fairchild Corporation and ITT), would play a role helping to destabilize the democratically elected, Salvador Allende’s regine, during the time when Augusto Pinochet rose to power (Pinochet and other dictators helped hide Nazis). Nazis, intelligence assets, drug cartels, banks, hitman for hire, the CIA, etc.


It’s my opinion that it was all about leverage. Using Nazi War Criminals kept the Nazis on the hook because they knew they could be outed and handed over to the Israeli Nazi Hunters. This gave the CIA and US leverage over intel networks and black markets with a loyal web of international movers, pushers, arms dealers, hitmen, spies, military trainers for guerilla forces, etc. Ironically, MOSSAD of Israel had ties to this Nazi guns-for-hire, such as hiring Otto Skorzeny for the assassination of German’s helping Egypt obtain nuclear weapons, and Skorzeny was given clemency by the USA and Israel and lived a long-life supporting Neo Nazi groups in Spain. His funeral in Spain (the fascist regime of Franco let him live there) was adorned with Nazi salutes.  

Also, there were Nazi sympathizers with the United States elite class (Industrialists spanning Koch Industries, Coca Cola, IBM, ITT, Ford, etc.) and intel agencies which were often staffed at first by Ivy League graduates, bankers associated with Chase Bank, etc. It’s my belief and that of others such as Anthony Sutton, that World War 2 was largely a scripted at first to start war (such as Jewish Nazi spy, Stephanie Von Hohenloe’s association with the British Cliveden Sect and Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler’s invasions) and was heavily funded by Western Banks in the USA, UK, and Continental Europe (with leverage over Germany’s WWI debts), to help get Hitler into power (as was the plausible case with the Bolsheviks and Stalin overthrowing King George’s competitor and cousin, Czar Nicholas, considering Stalin was associated with the oil refineries of the Nobel Family, Royal Dutch Shell, and the French Rothschilds in Baku, Azerbaijan), but then later betray Hitler (despite being sentimental to Nazism), so the USA and Soviets could slip Europe in half, and resettle the Jew to Israel (acquired by the British after beating King George’s other cousin, Kaiser’s Wilhelm’s Ottoman allies in WWI thus obtaining Palestine). The Cold War which was in part was a scheme to control energy and oil prices via cabals such as the Seven Sisters (with Israel, Iran, and Saudi Arabia being strategic), manage the globe via two spheres of influence, and also compete to foster technological innovation which would later roll out in the wake of the Soviet Union with global world-wide-web connected corporate technocracy, trade blocs, etc.  Therefore, I use the terms ACZS Network for Anglo-American Continental Zionist Saudi Network.


The reason Catcher in the Rye was so powerful is simply because no one had seen a book like it before and this created a sociological phenomenon akin to the alleged copycat behavior of suicides due to Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werner. The book was Salinger’s way of calling out the “phonies” in the top brass of the US Army with their OSS supervisors. Holden Caulfield’s relation with his psychiatrist also seems to be a confession of child-abuse since his psychiatrist makes a move on Holden. The character of Holden Caulfield is Salinger and the “phonies” are adults, with the adults serving as an analogy for the Intelligence community.

Eberhard Alsen’s (2018) book, JD Salinger and the Nazis, details without much speculation (utilizing the National Archives in DC, the BND Archives, etc.), to explain how Salinger had a nervous breakdown while in Germany while serving with the CIC as his unit served in the Battle of the Bulge in counter-intelligence campaigns against the Germans, such as those of Otto Skorzeny who pioneered the idea of having Germans pretend to be American soldiers. Salinger’s existential crisis, which I assume was an identity crisis – considering his Jewish heritage (he felt more “American” or “Western” but had to reconcile with his Jewish identity) – was caused by the fact that the Americans were helping Nazis get off the hook. This extreme nihilism of not seeing a point to reality or order is typified by Holden Caulfield’s character, but the fact that Holden was a teenager and Salinger’s nihilism was expressed through teenage angst is why Catcher in the Rye like Rebel Without a Cause had such an impact. The reason Catcher in the Rye was associated with violence such as shootings/assassinations in my opinion is more incidental considering the people who were going to do these were already likely prone to violence, but they found a “friend” in the character of Holden Caulfield who expressed a type of “antisocial” existentialism who understood the real supposed truth…there is no truth. The conspiracy of Catcher in the Rye being a mind-control book seems like a “guilt by association” generated by the natural consequence of the real, actual, but unrelated MK Ultra Programs of the 1960s up until their revelation in the Church Committee.


“What work Salinger’s CIC detachment actually did can be learned from the After-Action Reports of the Twelfth Regiment and Periodic Reports (i.e., daily reports) of Salinger’s CIC Detachment. These records are kept at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland. The National Archives are also a treasure trove of various CIC publications, amount them the thirty-volume History of the Counterintelligence Corps.” (p. 55).

 “The History of mission of the Counterintelligence Corps in World War II explains what the duties of CIC detachments were. According to that 1946 Army publication, it was the task of the CIC “to combat espionage, sabotage, and subversion; to prevent leakage of information to the enemy; and to delivery security lecturers to the troops.” More specifically, the document states, “Counterintelligence Corps detachments were to perform tactical Counterintelligence Corps functions, such as search of enemy command posts and questioning of civilians, informers, and agents in occupied territory. The Army detachment was to conduct rear echelon missions including safeguarding military information, security against the activities of enemy agents and rear echelon counterintelligence functions in general” (p.56-57)

“CIC agents did not war rank insignia because they always had to deal with noncoms and officers who outranked them” (p. 57)

“The most important fact I discovered about Salinger’s work as a CIC agent is that no one in his CIC detachment ever participated in combat?” (p. 59)

“But according to the daily reports of his CIC detachment, Salinger and the other field agents of his detachment occasionally also arrested German spies, members of the SS, and Nazi Party officials” (p. 60)

 “The Battle of Luxembourg cost Salinger’s Twelfth Infantry Regiment almost as many casualties as the Battle of the Hurtgen Forest the Regiment was especially hit hard during the action around the town of Echternach. The town is located on the Sauer River, twenty-one miles northeast of Luxembourg City. During the Echternach battle – which raged from December 16 to 24, 1944- the Twelfth Regiment lost a whole company that was taken prisoner by the Germans. But the regiment held the town and prevented the Wehrmacht from advancing toward the city of Luxembourg. The Battle of Echternach was part of Field Marshal Gerd von Rundsted’s preparation for the Ardennes Offensive, also known as the Battle of Bulge”. (p. 76)

“The CIC motor patrols were not unimportant busy work, because during the Battle of the Bulge German Counterintelligence, the Abwehr, made a concerted effort to disrupt American defenses. This is explained in a book published by the Army Intelligence and Security Command titled In the Shadow of the Sphinx: A History of Army Counterintelligence: “Dressed in US uniforms and equipped with captured weapons and jeeps, enemy soldiers of the Einheit Stielau were to perform intelligence collection, commit acts of sabotage, and sow confusion. To give the plan a chance of success, German leaders selected English-speaking soldiers for participation and provided them an intense orientation to American culture to include watching of newsreels and movies, learning current slang words, and practicing American mannerisms, such as the handling of cigarettes.” (p. 77)

“The CIC caught on quickly after they arrested three German soldiers posing as Americans: “Failing to give correct password, three members of a [Stielau] team were apprehended wearing US uniforms and possessing a jeep and sabotage devices.” Thereafter, the CIC intensified it motor patrols and set up additional roadblocks. This seems to have worked because the commander of the Einheit Steilau, Lieutenant Colonel Otto Skorzeny, admitted during the Dachau war crimes trial is that only two of his teams survived and only one of them brought back worthwhile information. Twenty-three of his men were caught and executed by the CIC (one of them was the best friend of my uncle Dietrich Kukla”. However, Salinger’s CIC detachment did not intercept any Germans in American uniforms and was not involved in any executions.” (p. 77).

“The astonishing thing about Salinger’s visit to the Kaufering concentration camp is that it did not result n a change of his non-judgemental attitude toward the Nazis or in a change of his negative attitude toward the war and the US Army. What he saw and smelled at the Kaufering Lager IV triggered a nervous breakdown. Apparently, he was unable to push not a dark corner of his mind the sights and smells of so much death. Perhaps it also traumatized him that most of the dead prisoners were Jewish because he all along tried to ignore the Holocaust” (p. 88)

To add the complicated nature of Salinger, Alsen (2018) describes how Salinger checked into “a General Hospital in Nuremberg”, and he links it to a hospital with the only psychiatric clinic after 1945, and investigates if the hospital Salinger checked himself into was operated by Nazi in hiding, Dr. Ulrich Fleck, known for his advocacy of Hitler’s euthanasia program.

The book by Alsen (2018) despite Salinger as a naïve dreamer with a slight ego who dreamed of being a military officer and but also writer, but his officer dream was shot down and he fell into the CIC doing remedial work, though his unit did catch some Nazi spies. Yet, Salinger while in Europe was spared of war mostly, yet he did suffer traumatic war training accidents such as when his unit was prepping for Normandy, but the first wave of trainees was killed by British friendly fire due to accidentally using live ammunition. Salinger’s nervous breakdown was likely caused by a mix of feeling like a failure, stress, his identity crisis of being a Jew when he felt more European and American, the rampant antisemitism of the Americans (such as General Patton), and the possibility of him being privy to what other CIC units were involved in such as working with top-brass at OSS direction to vet and eventually release many Nazis that Salinger was charged with hunting down.

“After the end of the war, the nature of Salinger’s work for the CIC changed. He no longer had to deal with Nazi spies and saboteurs. His job was now to round up former members of the SS, Nazi officials, and other members of the Nazi Party who had gone into hiding in order to escape their responsibility for crimes they had committed on behalf of the Party. After Salinger was discharged from the US Army, he signed up for a sixth month stint as a special investigator for the CIC, and he continued doing essentially the same job he had been doing while still in the army – namely tracking down and arresting Nazis.” (p. 110)

“By November 1945, when Salinger began his work as a special investigator, the chief responsibility of the CIC had become the denazification program.”, and, “These organizations ranged all the way from the Physicians’ League and the Teacher’s Union down to the Confederation of German Mothers and the Hitler Youth”. (p. 111)

Yet, this next quote is where things start to get a little sloppy and is where the US Army, likely with the OSS under Frank Wisner (the OSS’s Chief of Policy who wanted to use some Nazis to spy cells against the Soviets), started to let Nazis off the hook.

“Originally OMGUS (the Office of the Military Government, United States) tried to accomplish the task of denazification through special courts staffed by the divisional civilian affairs detachments of the US Army. But these courts could no keep up with the staggering number of former Nazis” (p. 112)

“OMGUS resolved the dilemma by turning the denazification program over the Germans” (p. 112)

“There are two letters in which Salinger pokes fun at his work as a Nazi hunter” (p. 113)

“What must have also irked Salinger about his job as a Nazi hunter was the double standard that the higher-ups in the army used when dealing with former Nazis. That double standard became evident when the US Army’s Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency set in motion Operation Paperclip. To implement that project, the CIC was given orders to round up as many German scientists and engineers as possible – no matter if they were Nazis or not – so they could be moved to the United States before the Russians got hold of them. The most famous of those was Werner von Braun. The United states military government of Germany had submitted a CIC report on Braun to the agency responsible for Operation Paperclip. That report stated that “Braun was considered an ardent Nazi and a security threat to the United States. His records indicated that he had been a major in the SS – having joined the SS at the personal behest of the SS chief Heinrich Himmler in 1940 – and a Nazi Party member since 1937” (p. 117-118)

“”While Gehlen busily enlisted unrepentant Nazis, some U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps agents were still trying to bust as many Hitlerites as they could get their hands on. Under the auspicies of Operation Nursery, the CIC inflitrated an array of subversive groups that clung to the National Socialist cree. The schizoid quality of the U.S. occupation policy became evident to Nikolaus J. Ryschkowsky, a Nazi Hunger from CIC Unit 7970, when he tried to apprehend a circle of black marketeers in Munich, only to learn they had immunity. “I wasn’t able to arrest them because they were working for Herr Gehlen,” Ryschkowsky recounted. “It was hard to feel good about this.”” (Lee, p. 35-36, para 4).

“President Truman had approved Project Paperclip under the condition that no German scientist or engineer be brought to the United States who had “been a member of the Nazi Party and more than a nominal participant in its activities, or an active supporter of Nazism or militarism”” (p. 118)

“The United States Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency falsified the political and employment records of Braun and his team of engineers so they could continue their world on ballistic missiles of r the United States” (p. 118)

It’s also very important to note, that Henry Kissinger (Jewish), was a Counter Intelligence Officer and became the powerful Secretary of State, meaning he had knowledge of Nazis within the USA and also likely the CIA’s use of Nazi contractors throughout the world including Latin America due to his support of Latin America’s Operation Condor. This sheds light on the pragmatic relationship between Jews and Nazis in a sort of symbiotic relationship at the upper echelons of power.


Der Spiegel (2011) stated, “In 1965, Barbie was recruited by the West German foreign intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), under the codename “Adler” (Eagle) and the registration number V-43118. His initial monthly salary of 500 Deutsche Mark was transferred in May 1966 to an account of the Chartered Bank of London in San Francisco. During his time with the BND, Barbie made at least 35 reports to the BND headquarters in Pullach”. Further, Klaus Barbie according to Wolfe (2001) stated that in 1947, Barbie was recruited as an agent for the 66th Detachment of the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps (CIC) and the CIC asserted that Barbie knew too much about the network of German spies the CIC had planted in various European communist organizations, and were suspicious of communist influence within the French government, but their protection of Barbie may have been as much to avoid the embarrassment of having recruited him in the first place (end quote).

So, Barbie was recruited the BND which is the Gehlen Organization of Reinhard Gehlen and Barbie (helping set up what would grow into the Cocaine Industry of 1980s) had a bank account in Chartered Bank of London in San Francisco, which was were Otto Von Bolschwing had his technology offices (friends to the Newsom Family who were related to the Pelosi Family), and, we know Otto Von Bolschwing had offices in Sacramento where Ronald Reagan was the Governor and Reagan’s secretary, and future Ambassador to Austria, was Helene von Damme (an investor in Bolschwing’s TCI corporation) supposedly did translation work for Otto.

This isn’t a conspiracy, but Reagan and Nixon, of the Neoconservative Movement, were Bohemian Grove members which has offices in San Francisco. Like Truman and Eisenhower before him, Nixon supported Right-Wing regimes in Latin America and Reagan was implicated in Iran Contra, which, despite it’s confusing operations, can be summarized as being a drug dealing operation to create slush funds via international banks such as the BCCI Bank and others in London, Luxembourg (the House of Luxembourg has ties to the Knights of Malta, insinuating a link to the Vatican but also American Knight of Malta, J. Peter Grace close to the Reagan administration) and Switzerland to buy arms via the Saudi’s (Adnan Khashoggi, the uncle to murdered Jamal Khashoggi during the Trump Era and Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana’s boyfriend, i.e., links to Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell) which could be sold to the Iranians for American hostages. The drugs made in Latin America were sold to the US public (drug users fighting Communism be it the CIA’s acquisition of Indochina Golden Triangle Heroin, Turkish and Afghan Heroin, and Latin American’s cocaine which is cooked into crack making a higher profit). Gangs were used an elaborate web spanning cartels, black gangs such as the Nation of Islam with its ties gangs like Black P Stone Nation and the Gangster Disciples, Right Wing Neo Nazi groups, etc., but ironically to appear like the government was clamping down on drug use revved up the War on Drugs and the mass incarceration of millions (most minorities), thus linking this to the eventual privatization of prisons and Bill Clinton’s later criminal justice crackdowns. Gang membership within the US military and corrupt officers with ties to intelligence also helped move product during this era and still, likely, to this day.

Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas, such as the previous Governor, Winthrop Rockefeller, and Bill could be seen as a type of “Deep State Viceroy” overseeing the clandestine drug trafficking operations via rural airports, and the Rockefeller’s played a big role in setting up NAFTA but also elevating the Walton Family’s Wal Mart to prominence which interlinked China to the USA for global supply chains.

Iran Contra with characters like Oliver North had links to OSS officer and US Army General, John K. Singluab’s Western Goal’s Foundation which was associated with the World Anti-Communist League, which in turn had Nazis in its ranks, such as Otto Skorzeny. It’s all connected. Singlaub was relieved from duty after making comments about President Jimmy Carter over how the Iran Embassy situation was unfolding and went into private intelligence with links to Reagan’s “Kitchen Cabinet”. The Iran-Contra Case and Era is where current political characters such as William Barr, John Kerry, and Robert Mueller got some action as far as the legal investigation. Lastly, the judge who overseeing the BCCI Bank link was Judge Robert Morgenthau of the Morgenthau Family which is related to the Lehman Family (Lehman Brothers) and Bronfman Family, i.e., Clara and Sara Bronfman of the NXVIUM Sex Cult. It is my opinion that 2016-2020 was almost an “Iran Contra Graduation Class Reunion”, since BCCI Bank had ties to Lybia via Qaddafi who in turn had links to the Nation of Islam and black gangs such as the Gangster Disciples. But, Sara Bronfman, related to the Judge who oversaw the BCCI Bank case, married a man, Basit Igtet, who was negotiating the truce between rebels in Libya…a nation which was overthrown in part via the CIA’s operations as the Benghazi Annex during the storm of the US back Arab Spring Revolutions. The Bronfman sister’s also had ties to Tibet. It’s as if they were grooming a harem of damaged women to be sex objects for the Deep State. So, we can see black gangs, Neo Nazi gangs as oblivious foot soldiers for the Deep State who sell drugs to help make black money slush funds, but there’s also a vast sex ring network for favors, bribes, etc.

A scene from Lethal Weapon (1987) which actually paints a good picture of post-Vietnam deep-state drug running in the Cold War to create slush funds to fund revolutions, but at the expense of making addicts in the United States. The California location of the film helps serve as a visual for my paper relating to Southern California


TCI Corporation is one of the earliest companies to be involved in the military transfer of technology to private business via relationships such as joint ventures which helped to lay the foundation for Silicon Valley. TCI corporation essentially was involved with GPS (Geo-spatial Positioning Systems) and the internet, but associated companies via Otto Von Bolschwing’s business ties, spanned specialties such as aerial cameras, lunar and outer-orbit cameras such as those made by Fairchild Corporation, ITT’s vast conglomerate ties, Pfizer pharmaceuticals, Cabot Corporations carbon materials, but also these corporate ties link what was going on in Silicon Valley to NASA, Jack Parson’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Howard Hughes’ vast array of companies, and even Elon Musk’s SpaceX company. This is the “grid”. The satellites, cameras, internet, research centers, silicon chip manufacturers, etc. It’s also important to note that Venrock Capital (Venture Rockefeller) via Laurence Rockefeller (who was obsessed wtih UFOs and donated to Princeton’s Paranormal Engineering Anamolies Research Lab) donated the seed money to Apple and Intel. It sounds fantastical but it’s true.

Silicon Valley’s close relationship with Stanford University is important because the Stanford Research Institute was involved in all sorts of real-world kooky programs such as Operation Stargate, The Invisible College of the Palo Alto School of Communications, but also the school’s strong psychology department had alumni such as Michael Murphy and Dick Price who were associated with counter-culture retreats such as the Esalen Institute which associated with futurists, psychologist, military personnel, science fiction authors, psychedelic drug advocates, etc. This Silicon Valley area was the stomping grounds of science-fiction author, Philip K. Dick, who might have been privy or hyper-aware to the overlap between the State, Corporations, Universities, and counterculture movements such as Synanon and the Esalen Institute. 

According to OpenCorporates.com (n.d.) the Trans-International Computer Investment Corporation, was founded in 15 May 1969 (Company Number: 713126) and was registered in Delaware. Delaware is important because it was a Delaware Corporation which is a type of tax-loophole where businesses register in Delaware but can do business anywhere in the United States but not pay taxes. Instead, they pay a franchise tax to the state of Delaware. Many Delaware Corporations are nothing more than PO Mailboxes, but the businesses set up their incorporation, trademarks, etc., with these boxes, but the real business making money elsewhere is considered subservient to the “mailbox”. It’s very confusing but it works.

The next quotes are from Pete Carey (1981) of the San Jose Mercury News, (1) “In December 1953, von Bolschwing applied to immigrate to the United States, and on February 2, 1954, he arrived in this country. After obtaining several menial jobs, he became a citizen in 1959 and his career took a sudden upward turn”, (2) “He became an assistant to the director of international marketing at Warner Lambert Pharmaceuticals Co., developing close ties to the company’s president, the late Elmer Bobst, and its honorary board chairman, former New Jersey Gov. Alfred Driscoll, according to a close associate.”, (3) “By the mid 1960’s, von Bolschwing had become an executive with Cabot Manufacturing. As chief financial officer for its German subsidiary, he developed a $50 million carbon black for Cabot in Germany, (4) “The deal was financed through Thomas Franzioli, senior vice president for the First National Bank of Boston, Franzioli recalls that von Bolschwing then branched out on his own”, (5) In March 1969 von Bolschwing got a job in high technology. He was retained as an international business consultant by TCI, the Sacramento firm. The company planned to commercialize on technology development in the Silicon Valley and used a few years earlier to monitor troop movements in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war according to the firm’s founder, Oswlad S. Williams. TCI’s subsidiaries in Palo Alto and Mountain View, Advanced Information Systems and International Imaging Systems, were developing a high-volume computer network for business and a navigation system for oil tankers using satellite communications, Williams said.”, (6) “His contacts include officials of the German branch of Chase Manhattan Bank and an owner of the Berliner Handels Gesellschaft in Frankfurt, one of Europe’s largest banks, the memo said.”, (7) “TCI’s high powered directors – one was J. Paul Getty Jr. son of the oil billionaire – thought enough of von Bolschwing to make him the firm’s president in 1970.”, (8) ““He seems like a very polite and cultured person,” said Walter F. Leverton, former vice president for satellite systems of the Aero-space Corp. Leverton sat on the board of TCI.”, (9) “Justice Newsom, who traveled as a TCI attorney with von Bolschwing in Europe in 1969–70, and said von Bolschwing alluded to wartime work for the Americans.”, (10) “Emanuel Fthenakis (Fairchild Corp. senior vice president.), who had resigned an International Telephone and Telegraph vice-presidency to sign with TCI, also traveled with von Bolschwing in Europe, meeting his banking and industry contacts.”, (11) “Records and interviews with TCI officials indicate that Helene von Damm, President Regan’s Austrian born, deputy assistant, translated some German contracts for TCI and invested $1,000 in it while she was than Gov. Regan’s secretary in Sacramento.”, (12) “In 1970 TCI ran into trouble with the Department of Corporations, Several major stockholders were syndicating its stock, selling it to small investors in Sacramento. The Department of Corporations suspended trading in TCI stock, and in 1972 the Sacramento District Attorney’s office prosecuted several stockholders, calling it “possibly the biggest stock fraud in California history.””


Warner–Lambert, associated with Otto Von Bolschwing (now Pfizer, stock symbol PFE) was an American pharmaceutical company. Formerly two separate entities, the first company was started in 1856, when William R. Warner founded a drug store in Philadelphia. Warner went on to invent a tablet coating process gaining him a place in the Smithsonian Institution. The second half of the name came from Jordan Wheat Lambert, founder of the Lambert Pharmacal Company of St. Louis, famous for Listerine. The two companies merged in 1955, to form Warner–Lambert. In February 2000, Pfizer bought Warner Lambert along with all of its subsidiary companies.

Cabot Manufacturing associated with Otto Von Bolschwing (now Cabot Corporation. NYSE symbol CBT) is a chemical company specializing in carbon black, ink jet colorants, aqueous inkjet colorants (which it created), and aerogels, etc., and it was founded by Godfrey Lowell Cabot, whose grand-dad was Samuel Cabot Jr. (1784–1863) who was an American businessman in the early-nineteenth-century China Trade, a member of the wealthy and prominent Cabot family. It’s important to note that China Trade was the Opium Trade, and families associated with this were the Forbes Family (Presidential candidate and Secretary of State, John Forbes Kerry is of this family), but also the Russell Family where William Huntingdon Russell founded Skull & Bones at Yale, and the Russell Trust is managed by Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Website. Cabot specialized in Carbon black which is mainly used as a reinforcing filler in tires and other rubber products. In plastics, paints, and inks, carbon black is used as a color pigment. It is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum (Oil..who owned oil? Rockefellers, Getty’s, 7 Sisters, etc., i.e., oil is needed for most products and these creates the industrial cabals) products such as FCC tar, coal tar, or ethylene cracking tar.

A scene from the film, The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman, where a family friends tells him to invest in a new things called….Plastic. Plastics are made from the residuals of petroleum. The oil cartels run the world but largest industrial conglomerates are created from petroleum left-over. According to Dustin Hoffman, the character in the book version of the film was blonde haired, blue eyed, and a typical late 50s early 60s California kid and I threw this in there for a random fact to paint a picture of Right Wing SoCal

The Aerospace Corporation (nonprofit), i.e., The Ramo-Woodbridge Corporation (TRW) associated with Otto Von Bolschwing is an American California nonprofit corporation that operates a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) headquartered in El Segundo, California. This company was involved in the ICBM Atlas Project, NASA Project Mercury on getting astronauts into space before Russia but also the Gemini Program coming before the famous Apollo Mission, the Titan Program with Martin Marietta (later Lockheed Martin, stock symbol LM, with the material based department, Martin Marietta Materials, symbol MLM, being spun off as its own company). The corporation provides technical guidance and advice on all aspects of space missions to military, civil, and commercial customers. As the FFRDC for national-security space, Aerospace works closely with organizations such as the United States Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) to provide “objective technical analyses and assessments for space programs that serve the national interest”. Although SMC and NRO are the primary customers, Aerospace also performs work for civil agencies as well as international organizations and governments in the national interest. The Aerospace Corporation traces roots to the Ramo-Wooldridge Corporation (went by TRW) and this company was founded in 1901 and it lasted for more than a century until being acquired by Northrop Grumman in 2002. TRW worked with Hughes Aircraft linking this to Howard Hughes. Overton (2013), stated, “Bill Gates, who got his first big break—while only 15—debugging grid control software for TRW.” (Microsoft, stock symbol) It spawned a variety of corporations, including Pacific Semiconductors, The Aerospace Corporation, Bunker-Ramo and Experian (London Stock Exchange, EXPN). Its automotive businesses were sold off by Northrop Grumman as TRW Automotive, which is now part of ZF Friedrichshafen. TRW veterans were instrumental in the founding of corporations like SpaceX. In summary this company, not to be confused with the still existing Aerospace Corporation, still lives as TRW Automotive owned by ZF Friedrichshafen (owned by the Zepplin Foundation), Northrop Grumman (NYSE symbol NOC), and Goodrich Corporation (sold to United Technologies Corporation, and the tire division sold to Michelin, stock symbols, UTX and SCA on Euronext Paris)

Berliner Handels Gesellschaft associated with Otto Von Bolschwing was a German industrial bank associated with the Nazis and the Reichmark which after WW2 merged Frankfurt Bank to create the still existing private bank of BHF-Bank, known as Oddo BHF Aktiengesellschaft in Frankfurt. 

Chase Manhattan Bank is now owned by JP Morgan as JP Morgan Chase (NSYE symbol JPM)

First National Bank of Boston was acquired by Bank of America

Getty Oil (private company) associated with Otto Von Bolschwing with roots back to John Paul Getty who became rich by opening Saudi and Kuwaiti oil to the world. It still around today but it was sold in a historical court battle between Texaco and Pennzoil with Pennzoil coming out on top and Pennzoil is a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE symbol RDS.A and RDS.B). Now it operates mainly as gas stations in the Northeast of the USA. A subsidiary, Getty Petroleum Marketing was sold to Lukoil in 2000, the second largest gas company but this was sold to investment house, Cambridge Securities LLC., but the name of Getty Oil was at one point more recently owned an Australian firm, Westerhoudt AG, run by Olaf Westerhoudt. 

Fairchild Corporation associated with Otto Von Bolschwing was as an aerospace company which was Fairchild-Hiller Corporation which became Fairchild Industries before Fairchild Corporation. The company invented the aerial camera such as the Fairchild F-1 Aerial Camera. Also, the Fairchild Lunar Mapping Camera (also known as the Metric Camera) for NASA.[12] The camera was carried on Apollo 15, 16, and 17 and took photos from lunar orbit throughout the missions. Over 7,000 individual frames were captured by the Lunar Mapping Cameras, which resulted in the coverage of approximately 20% of the lunar surface. Fairchild Aircraft built the A-10 Thunderbolt and today the company exists as Israeli-based, Elbit Systems (NASDAQ Symbol: ESLT). Sherman Fairchild founded the company and his Fairchild Camera & Instrument Corporation; Semiconductor Division company played a defining role in the development of Silicon Valley. He held over 30 patents for products ranging from the silicon semiconductor to the 8-mm home sound motion-picture camera. Fairchild is also responsible for inventing the first synchronized camera shutter and flash as well as developing new technologies for aerial cameras that were later used on the Apollo Missions. Fairchild Camera & Instrument Corporation; Semiconductor Division is now ON Semiconductor (NASDAQ: ON)  

International Telephone and Telegraph (NYSE symbol ITT) associated with Otto Von Bolschwing is a conglomerate spanning multiple industries from telecommunication, night vision googles, etc. It’s brand Exelis was bought by Harris Corporation which is now LGHarris (NYSE stock symbol is LHX) which is the 6th largest defense contractor specializing in provider that produces C6ISR systems and products, wireless equipment, tactical radios, avionics and electronic systems, night vision equipment, and both terrestrial and spaceborne antennas for use in the government, defense, and commercial sectors. They specialize in surveillance solutions, microwave weaponry, and electronic warfare. ITT’s spin off Xylem Inc. (NYSE symbol is XYL) is a large American water technology provider, enabling customers worldwide to transport, treat, test and efficiently use water in public utility, residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial settings. Essentially it creates the technology and tools used a sewage treatment plants such as submersible pumps which includes sewage treatment plants, seawater handling, firefighting (since it is flame retardant cable), water well and deep well drilling, offshore drilling rigs, artificial lifts, mine dewatering, and irrigation systems.

ITT was associated with Otto Von Bolschwing via Emanuel Fthenakis (Fairchild Corp. senior vice president.), who had resigned an International Telephone and Telegraph vice-presidency to sign with TCI. ITT had ties to Nazis and Right-Wing regimes. As for the Nazis, On August 3, 1933, Hitler received in one of the first meetings with US businessmen Sosthenes Behn, then the CEO of ITT, and his German representative, Henry Mann. According to Sampson (1973), “ITT, through its subsidiary C. Lorenz AG, owned 25% of Focke-Wulf, the German aircraft manufacturer, builder of some of the most successful Luftwaffe fighter aircraft. In the 1960s, ITT Corporation won $27 million in compensation for damage inflicted on its share of the Focke-Wulf plant by Allied bombing during World War II.” 1970, ITT owned 70% of CTC (the Chilean Telephone Company, now Movistar Chile). Movistar is owned by Telefonica S.A. (NYSE symbol TEF). Democracy Now (2013) in a conversation stated the following, “ITT owned the telephone companies in Chile, owned the Sheraton Hotel. They were a very aggressive company in Latin America. And they decided they should have their own foreign policy, and they started pushing for meetings with the—with the CIA. It helped that they had on their board of directors a former CIA director, John McCone. And he was able to gain access to the CIA rather easily. There was more than 40 meetings between CIA officials and ITT officials.”.

Demerjian (2007) stated, “In 2007, ITT was awarded a $207 million initial contract by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to lead a team to develop and deploy the Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) system. ADS-B is a key component of the FAA’s NextGen air traffic control modernization program intended to increase safety and efficiency to meet the growing needs of air transportation. ITT is responsible for overall system integration and engineering and under contract options will operate and maintain the system after deployment through September 2025. The ITT team includes its partners AT&T (stock symbol, T), Thales North America, WSI, SAIC, PricewaterhouseCoopers (private – one the Big 4 accounting firms), Aerospace Engineering, Sunhillo, Comsearch, MCS of Tampa, Pragmatics, Washington Consulting Group, Aviation Communications and Surveillance Systems (ACSS), Sandia Aerospace and NCR Corporation (stock symbol NCR).”

Powerful companies that exists today that absorbed Howard Hughes’ companies/divisions are Raytheon (Hughes Aircraft which helped build the Galileo telescope, air-to-air missiles, NASA Lunar equipment, H-4 Hercules, stinger missiles), AT&T and DirectTV (Hughes Electronics), Delta (Hughes Airwest), L3 Harris (Hughes Microwave Tube Division), Boeing (Hughes Helicopter), ACDelco (parts of Hughes Electronics after GM bought them), Baker Hughes (Hughes Tool Company), Palomar Technologies (Howard  Aircraft Technology Products Division creating Automated Wire and Die Bonder equipment), Nextstar Media Group (acquired Hughes’ radio station, KLAS-TV, a CBS affiliate station), Venetian and Sands Casinos (the former Hughes properties were in part acquired by Sheldon Adelson, i.e., Trump’s megadonor), and Howard Hughes Corporation (a real-estate firm that builds master planned communities).


Adolf Busemann, University of Colorado, Ceramic Tiles on the NASA shuttle

Ernest R.G. Eckert, University of Minnesota in Mechanical Engineering and coined the Eckert Number in Fluid Dynamics

Konrad Johannes Karl Buttner, University of Washington, Meteorology and Physiology

Friedwardt Winterberg, University of Nevada-Reno, Theoretical Physics

Kurt Lehovec, University Southern California, pioneer of integrated circuits


Krafft Arnold Ehricke, La Jolla, California, worked for Convair and Bell Helicopter, with these companies living on as Textron, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin.  

Herbert Alois Wagner, Newport Beach, California

Richard Vogt, worked at Boeing, Santa Barbara, California


Allan Grant, The LIFE Pictures Collection, via Getty Images (C)

GovernmentContractsWon.com (updated through 2018), offers the following figures on defense spending in the Southern California area. Orange County CA, 3,768 (number of contractors), 164,095 (number of awards), $72,409,688,504 (dollar amount of contracts). San Diego County CA, 5,901 (number of contractors), 180,974 (number of awards), $138,642,305,337. Los Angeles County CA, 6,269 (number of contractors), 350,741 (number of awards), $178,447,223,360 (dollar amount of contracts). The entire state of California through 2018 was awarded $636,759,084,856. Per this previous source, California has 58 counties and a total of 31,471 contractors, meaning that’s an average of 542 per county. It looks like California is a Military Complex State, and this isn’t accounting for Hollywood, Silicon Valley, etc. The State of California has a population of 39,500,000 people as an estimate in 2018, meaning, if we divide the total defense contracts per person, that means for every 1 person in California there’s a $16,120.48 contract. Granted, however, that this is money federal tax money meaning it’s pooled from the entire nation via the Congressional appropriated money. Regardless, the $16,120.48 contract cost per citizen could subsidize an apartment for a year to help with California’s housing crisis, offer first time homebuyer credits, eradicate youth hunger, or help pay for community college.

It’s easy to think that these Operation Paperclip scientists simply settled in California because they were told to in order to assist the American aerospace industry, but, with their Nazi affiliations they would’ve found Southern California actually conducive to their racial ideology. This is considering the fact that segregation was still a part of life and there had already been a pre-existing Pro-White heritage in California history spanning American annexation of Hispanic and Indigenous Lands, the entry of Confederates after the Civil War, white migration due to the Dust Bowl from states with Jim Crow Laws, Anti-Chinese and Black policies, but also the fact that the German Bund association in the era of Hitler has chapters in Los Angeles building off already existing German meeting halls. This history would merge with Cold War ideology such as that of the John Birch Movement, often with financial backing of wealthy white Republican elites, particularly as the Civil Rights Era arose to protest systemic white supremacy (laws, policing, redlining, heckling, violence, harsher penalties, hiring discrimination, segregation, etc.). The Trump Administration is to Alex Jones conspiracy theories as The Nixon and Reagan era are to the John Birch Society. The current Alt Right is the new wave of Skinheads of old.

California State University – Northridge (CSUN) has a digital library dedicated to studying the German American Bunds which was an organization which attempted to Nazify the German American community, which is actually one of the predominate ethnic groups in the USA despite the belief of Irish or English being predominate.

The Bund divided the country into three geographic districts, or “Gaus,” with Los Angeles as the headquarters of the Western Gau. From the Deutsches Haus near downtown Los Angeles, Gauleiter Hermann Schwinn supervised the district’s activities. (CSUN, 2019).

Schwinn and other Bundists visited German steamships docked in Los Angeles Harbor to exchange reports on their activities for packages or orders and propaganda materials. Though vehemently denied by all, unofficial ties existed between Bund officials and German consulate staff. (CSUN, 2019).

In Los Angeles, Bundists probably numbered no more than 500 active meetings, rallies and parties at Deutsches Haus and Hindenburg Park in La Crescenta. The Bund’s highly publicized activities attracted the curious as well as the sympathetic. (CSUN, 2019).

Relating to Hinderberg Part, in recent times, the Tricentennial Foundation, a German American heritage foundation (I’m not accusing them of racism since it’s not a crime to be a German descent), did pay to erect a sign a week after the Charlottesville Riots at the park to commemorate the area’s German heritage. Yet, Dreier (2019) states that that area had originally been named for Paul von Hindenburg, Germany’s president from 1925 to 1934, and the man who appointed Adolf Hitler as German chancellor in 1933. Further, Dreier (2019) stated that property was initially about by the German American League in 1925, and Life Magazine in 1937 coined the group as the Nazi organization in the USA but was previously known as the Friends of New Germany. Yet, the Tricentennial Foundation seems to be a very “wish-washy” about the Nazi connotations, because Dreier (2019) stated that  Hans Eberhard, the group’s 85-year old chairman who came to the United States from Germany in 1949 as a 17 year old, stated, “I think it is unfortunate that the original sign was removed for no good reason,”.

It’s pretty much urban legend canon that Walt Disney harbored racial and antisemitic views, and to add to my other research, we know that Disney Research and Disney’s studios are at the crux of technology, defense, and entertainment. An interesting fact is that Glendale, CA, the home of Disney Imagineering since the 1960s, was according to Dreir (2017), the West Coast headquarters of the American Nazi Party. In 1962, when the KKK experienced a revival in response to the burgeoning civil rights movement, the Klan paraded down Glendale’s main thoroughfare, Brand Boulevard, with a horse brigade, marching band and burning cross.

Disneyland, regardless of what it inspires in the minds of children or the nostalgia it engenders in the old, being in Anaheim represents the boundary between LA and Right Wing Southern California but the entire area is deeply rooted in the Military Industrial Complex – a complex which links to what’s being talked about in this paper, such as Operation Paperclip. The Paleoconservative politics, mixed with aerospace and defense industry, rich Republicans buffered by the Republican working white class, a legacy of John Birch Republicanism, beach segregation, eminent domain, deep state clandestine operations, etc., on top of California’s Pro-White policies seems the reasons Neo Nazis, Right Wing Libertarians, or other associated groups hover in his area.

Similarly, to Anaheim serving as a buffer zone between the realities of life in Los Angeles versus the Real (Fascist) Housewives of Orange (Military Industrial Complex) County and post-John Birch Republicanism, we must also mention that John Wayne Airport is in Orange County. The actor was famous as one of Hollywood’s staunchest conservatives: a onetime member of the reactionary anti-Communist John Birch Society, a producer for and actor in a film about the ignominious House Un-American Activities Committee and a vocal supporter of the Vietnam War after much of the public had turned against it (Rosenburg, 2019). Further, Rosenburg (2019) analyzing John Wayne’s 1971 Playboy interview pointed out Wayne’s beliefs with his following quote, ““I believe in white supremacy,” he said, and spoke harshly about African-Americans, saying, “We can’t all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadership of the blacks.””

President Reagan and Nancy Reagan on the campaign trail with Gov. George Deukmejian (right) and Sen. Pete Wilson at Mile Square Regional Park in Fountain Valley in 1984. White House photo via Wikimedia Commons

Orange County, CA, despite today being more multi-cultural and racial, was at a time, similarly to Los Angeles (the entire state of California, really) has a had a history of racism and Nazi apologetics. Throughout much of the 20th century, Orange County attracted white middle-class and upper-middle-class residents who were either fleeing an increasingly diverse and liberal Los Angeles or were relocating from the Midwest and the South and bringing conservative regional values with them (Wisckol, 2016). “Proposition 187, co-authored in 1994 by Huntington Beach anti-illegal immigration activist Barbara Coe, called for an end to all public benefits for those living here illegally, including education. It passed with a whopping 59 percent of the state’s vote. It subsequently was ruled unconstitutional and has become an albatross for California Republicans,” (Wiskcol, 2016). Deborah Pauly, an Orange County GOP Central Committee member, was analyzed by Wisckol (2016) whom stated, “Pauly is part of a lineage of ultraconservatives extending at least back to the 1961 anti-communism camp, which attracted a reported 7,000 schoolchildren. The weeklong Anaheim event got funding from Knott’s Berry Farm founder Walter Knott, who also supported the thriving county chapter of the John Birch Society.” Wilson (2019), stated, “By the 1960s, Orange county had become a popular recruiting ground for the JBS, whose founder, Robert Welch, infamously identified former president Dwight Eisenhower as an agent of Communist Russia, and was eventually excluded from mainstream conservative circles. Some of the most prominent far-right organizers in the 80s and 90s, including Tom Metzger, the founder of the White Aryan Resistance, had been JBS members or had contact with the group, Beirich noted.””

Relating to Iran-Contra and other themes throughout this paper, we must bring light to the Tuttle Family (and, no, not Tuttle’s associated with True Detective Season One). What will come next will mimic the current Trump Administration. Relating to Robert H. Tuttle, Trump’s Ambassador the Kingdom, Johnston (1988) states, “Mr. Tuttle is the son of Holmes Tuttle, the Los Angeles retail automobile magnate, who is one of the original members of Mr. Reagan’s California ”Kitchen Cabinet.” The younger Mr. Tuttle worked in the family auto business for 20 years before joining the Reagan Administration in 1982 as special assistant to the President. He took over as White House personnel director in February 1985, replacing John S. Herrington, who left to become Secretary of Energy.” Holmes Tuttle was one of a few powerful California businessmen who told Ronald Regan to run for President. Relating to the Kitchen Cabinet during the Iran-Contra Years, it was a confusing web of characters, but Richard L. Berke (1987),

“Two former White House officials who went to work for Carl R. Channell, the fund-raiser who pleaded guilty today to illegal use of money he raised for the Nicaraguan rebels, used their connections to win support from high Administration officials, including President Reagan.” The article talks about how a fundraiser led by conservative operatives misappropriate funds and the organized created by Mr. Channell had Oliver North as his co-sponsor, but two operatives for Channell tried to get in with Joseph Coors, vice chairman of Adolph Coors Company and a member of the Reagan Kitchen Cabinet. Confidential documents obtained by The New York Times and interviews with officials show that David C. Fischer, a former special assistant to the President, was intimately involved with a range of Administration officials on behalf of Mr. Channell (Berke, 1987).

Daniel Duane (2018) explored the cross-over of surfer culture with Nazism, which to me is important considering that parts of the punk movement would later merge with this. What appeared to be a type of punk attempt at post-WW2 irony of the youth of the white working class aligned with a deep routed racism with Southern California’s culture. Duane (2018) stated, “According to the book “All for a Few Perfect Waves: The Audacious Life and Legend of Rebel Surfer Miki Dora,” by David Rensin, Dora often used racial slurs and advised acquaintances to put all their money in gold before Mexicans and blacks poured over the borders and ruined the economy. While serving prison time, Dora (who had been convicted of both check and credit-card fraud) wrote to a friend that he loved American Nazis. Dora eventually relocated to apartheid-era South Africa.”.

Then there was Miki Dora, king of Malibu and still the greatest culture hero in all of California surfing — our very own Elvis, the last word in coastal cool. Handsome and criminally dishonest, Dora built his reputation in the 1950s and ’60s on genuine athletic brilliance, expensive cars and clothes, and vicious elitism. When the movie “Gidget” came out, also in 1959, telling the story of a cute girl taking up surfing at Malibu, hordes of beginners descended on Dora’s favorite break. Dora, who was known for spray-painting swastikas on his surfboards, pioneered the concept of localism — the idea that waves belong to surfers who grow up near them and that interlopers deserve violence (Duane, 2018).

Further, Duane (2018) stated, “as for Dora and the Malibu crew, according to Matt Warshaw, they eventually figured out that Kathy Kohner, the real-life inspiration for the character Gidget, was Jewish. Her father, Frederick Kohner, fled Nazi Germany for California and, when his daughter took up surfing, wrote the novel that became the film. A member of the Malibu crew responded to the news about the Kohners’ ethnicity by spray-painting a swastika on their driveway.”

“During the Civil War, California was so lousy with Confederate sympathizers that the Union Army garrisoned troops in Los Angeles to guard against insurrection. In the early 20th century, when immigration from eastern and southern Europe stoked Anglo-American anxiety over racial purity, California became a leader in the so-called eugenics movement aimed at preserving white identity through forced sterilization of social undesirables. Thirty-two states enacted compulsory sterilization laws, but California enforced its own with such enthusiasm that it ultimately sterilized approximately 20,000 people, one- third of the national total.” (Duane, 2018).

“In the mid-1980s, Huntington Beach gained a reputation for drawing both local and out-of-town white supremacists. The pier and downtown area became gathering spots for young people with shaved heads, swastika tattoos and steel-toed boots. In 1994, 19-year-old Jonathan Russell Kennedy fatally shot 44-year-old African American Vernon Windell Flournoyoutside a McDonald’s restaurant. A week after his arrest, Kennedy was charged with the attempted murder of two Latino men in a shooting that occurred just weeks prior. The gunman pleaded guilty to both the murder and attempted murder charges with hate crime enhancements. A 17-year-old was also charged with Flournoy’s murder and tried as an adult. In 1996, Erik R. Anderson, 22, of Huntington Beach stabbed a 20-year-old Native American, George Mondragon, 27 times at the beach. Anderson was convicted of attempted murder and given a life sentence.” (Duane, 2018).

Vega and Sclafani (2018) stated, “In the mid-1980s, Huntington Beach gained a reputation for drawing both local and out-of-town white supremacists. The pier and downtown area became gathering spots for young people with shaved heads, swastika tattoos and steel-toed boots. In 1994, 19-year-old Jonathan Russell Kennedy fatally shot 44-year-old African American Vernon Windell Flournoy outside a McDonald’s restaurant. A week after his arrest, Kennedy was charged with the attempted murder of two Latino men in a shooting that occurred just weeks prior. The gunman pleaded guilty to both the murder and attempted murder charges with hate crime enhancements. A 17-year-old was also charged with Flournoy’s murder and tried as an adult. In 1996, Erik R. Anderson, 22, of Huntington Beach stabbed a 20-year-old Native American, George Mondragon, 27 times at the beach. Anderson was convicted of attempted murder and given a life sentence.

Relating to Neo-Nazis, the Aryan Brotherhood is believed to have been founded in 1964 at San Quentin State Prison near San Francisco. Prisons were starting to desegregate so racial division became the norm, so white convicts formed the Aryan Brotherhood to hedge gangs like the Black Guerilla Family, which had ties to the Symbionese Liberation Army (associated with San Francisco area Vacaville Penetenary and Soledad State Prison) and Weather Underground. The Weather Underground relating to this paper bombed an ITT Corporation office (Montgomery, 1973) for their ties to the CIA’s overthrow of Salvador Allende, and we should know that the Symbionese Liberation Army was involved in the Patty Hurst “Stockholm Syndrome” kidnapping case. Black Guerilla Family are allies to the Gangster Disciples who in turn are “rivals” to the Almighty Black P Stone Nation, who in turn had ties to the Nation of Islam. Nation of Islam had ties to the Iran-Contra scandal of the Reagan Administration via their ties to Gaddafi and his funds via the BCCI Bank, registered in Luxembourg. So, before we get too lost, just think about that. I simply started off with San Francisco. Sanders (1971) alleged that the Manson Family attempted to join forces with the Aryan Brotherhood.

In my opinion, Neo Nazism has a vortex of roots merging together: (1) “counter-culture” offshoot of Far Right politics in Cold War America, typically finding followers in white working class youths (hence, the appropriation of surfing and punk culture — surprisingly finding an intersection in gothic culture which at times mixes Disney related themes) due to the propaganda of the John Birch Society in areas such as Orange County and the JBS’ branch groups such as those associated with Revilo P. Oliver (associated with Pomona College, one of the Claremont Colleges, and University of Illinois. He did his thesis on Sanskrit and studied Max Muller, a key progenitor of Aryanism) and William Luther Pierce (B.A. Physics from Rice University; worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory; attended CalTech before transferring to and graduating from University of Colorado – Boulder; assistant professor at Oregon State University; senior researcher with the Advanced Materials Research and Development Lab for Pratt & Whitney, a subsidiary of United Technology Corporation – his sons would become a computer scientist and aerospace engineer), but this counterculture built off a pre-existing antisemitism in the USA such as that of German Heritage associations, and the fact that German is the predominate European ancestry. Many WW2 GIs had racist and antisemitic views and many would go to settle California and work in the growing defense industry, and their children via youth culture would adopt these beliefs (2) organized crime gangs arising during the counter-culture movement in 1960s California embedding it with drug culture particularly as the government assisted in black market drug dealing for clandestine operations, esoteric thought, biker gangs, etc. (3) The Civil Rights Era as white-flight and localism took root in the white community such as that of LA County versus Orange County (4) The United States’ usage of Nazis in the Cold War from clandestine operations involving drug trafficking to research for the Military Industrial Complex in areas such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, but also Texas and Florida. The pathology for Neo Nazism was always there but it found a coded-language acceptance via Right Wing politics but seem most active in areas associated with drugs and the Aerospace Defense & Technology Industries, i.e., West Coast, Mountain West, etc.

Neo-Nazis, thus, are a criminal and/or counter-culture movement with ties to Right Wing politics and are proxies of the Right-Wing elite class whom are often associated with defense, technology, and aerospace.

A character from Robert Crumb’s Fritz The Cat. Crumb is a curious fellow

Interesting characters in this area around 1964 to 1970 were Philp K. Dick who resided in the Berkeley area and his postmodern alternative-history book, The Man in the High Castle, is set predominately in San Francisco almost as if PKD as aware about the burgeoning Nazi movement in the 60s-early70s and Nazi ties to Silicon Valley; Robert Crumb, the famous underground comix (with an x), artists set up shop in San Francisco and his comic, Fritz The Cat, interestingly – for a pop culture plug – has the infamous Blue Bunny Nazi (a heroin addicted Neo Nazi character) insinuating he probably knew of the growing Nazi movement and its links to bikers and heroin; Otto Von Bolschwing in March 1969 per the San Joes Mercury News (1981) transitioned into high technology by setting up TCI in Sacramento but had offices in the Silicon Valley. Between this period, J. Paul Getty, Jr., elected Bolschwing to President of TCI and Bolschwing went on a tour of Europe with William Newsom; Anton LeVay (born Howard Stanton Levey)) was active in the area with the Church of Satan; Fritz Perls because his residency at the Esalen Institute to offer seminars of Gestalt therapy and Esalen co-founder, Michael Murphy, used Gestalt therapy to mix with Eastern philosophy such as that of Alan Watts to create a framework of shamanism (NOTE; Indic religions as far as right-wing usage align with Aryan belief systems and many early Nazi forerunners were practitioners of yoga. It’s important to note that India in the Hindu system is a caste system and is arguable racial in nature such as the Untouchables typically being the darkest skinned. Alan Watts interests in Eastern philosophy seems to align to his friend’s, Aldous Huxley’s, Alphas thru Epsilon caste system within a Brave New World. Indo-European studies often associated with white-identity politics, ethno-nationalism, the Alt-Right, etc.); Operation Midnight Climax in San Francisco had already been conducted by drugging “johns” via prostitutes with LSD in the nineteen-fifties, but in 1964, MKSEARCH (Projects MKOFTEN/CHIICKWIT) began as a continuation of the early MKULTRA umbrella experiments to test biological agents. Lastly, the Zodiac Killings between 1968-1969 (confirmed) though others linked to him persisted.


Ultimately, this paper helps to shine light on the intensity of technocracy and the Military Industrial Complex and how this technological and militaristic culture bleeds into the cultural sphere either directly such as the John Birch Society being tied to the Republican Party, or, indirectly, such as subcultures or countercultures that can arise in tech-defense areas particularly if there’s a pre-existing racist regime in power. Further, this paper speaks about Nazi War Criminals such as Otto von Bolschwing’s links to early Silicon Valley but also his business ties which spans a vast web of corporate entities still in existence today who dominate the defense and aerospace industry. Additionally, as far as psychological operations and plausible culture-creation agendas by US intelligence agencies via entertainment at the behest of the Defense Complex, links to my papers such as Is Joe Rogan a Neoplatonist or William Burroughs could’ve been a Steve Jobs. Culture is essential in prepping the people for the demands of the advancing technocracy (a partnership between government and defense). Additionally, relation to my paper, Is Joe Rogan a Neoplatonist, I reviewed Joe Rogan’s 3rd Way or syncretic ideology that merges right-wing libertarian and left-wing Marxism (corporatism in all honesty, which is a variant of fascism), which spans both militarism and counterculture, with the later tracing roots as far as back as Italian Renaissance esoteric thought and Masonic democracy (Libertas). Without even knowing it, the 3rd Way political ideology of Joe Rogan is like that of Robert Heinlein, the author of Starship Troopers – a book and film filled with fascist rhetoric or imagery, but Heinlein was associated with Laurel Canyon, credited with inspiring hippies and libertarians, was radically pro-military, and associated with Occultist such as Jack Parson’s who in turn followed Crowley’s Thelema. Occult, Nazism, Sex Magick, neopaganism, etc., are under the “counterculture” umbrella with roots back to the real SS of Himmler, and being counterculture it also hovers around ancient civilization conspiracies, root rates in Theosophy, and an affinity for hard sciences with a Darwinist approach. This smashing of counter-culture, military, the occult, drugs, alien conspiracies, etc., can be seen in odd cases such as Colonel Michael Aquino, and the film Starship Troopers, as odd as it sounds, seems to be a model for our future (minus, aliens, and much more subtle like IKEA design). Further, counter-culture itself was state-subsidized by the CIA and US Army via their relation to the MK Ultra Program indicating that Entertainment, counterculture, technology, political movements be they right-wing or left-wing, and the military are one in the same in the United States of America. An efficient system which utilizes illusions, fantasy, and even esoteric thought to create what can call “the system”.


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