Understanding 2016 to 2020. Was it all a clean up? From MeToo to Operation Varsity Blues, Jamal Khashoggi, & Epstein. How the Maxwell-Epstein & Bronfman Cases illuminates the past with Adnan Khashoggi, Iran-Contra, Libya, the CIA with BCCI Bank (and oddly how BCCI ties to the Nation of Islam Cult and street gangs.) by Q. Mitchell

If you’re new to this, I would recommend reading some of my previous posts, such as Tears on the Western Horizon and my analysis of what I call the ACZ or ACZS (Anglo Continental Zionist Saud) Network.

This paper, I will explore the other angle to Jeffrey Epstein’s ties which spans back by degrees-of-separation to the BCCI Bank, a bank which was incriminated for drug and weapons laundering during the Iran-Contra Scandal. Familiar names from now pop up back then, such as Robert Mueller, John Kerry, the Morgenthau Family which is related to the Bronfman Family currently embroiled by the NXIVM case, Saudis, Trump, Clinton, it goes on and on. Thus, Jeffrey Epstein will not be central to this paper but he is a periphery character in explaining a larger network in how the world really runs, which is controlling black markets, regime changes, incrimination, and laundering by the elites in both business and government – one in the same, really. In today’s time frame, from 2016 to 2020 we’ve witnessed MeToo, Las Vegas Shooting, Russiagate, the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and unveiling of Jeffrey Epstein. These seems unrelated but the deeper you dig and more you think…they’re interrelated, in many cases directly but others by degrees-of-separation. You add on unrelated but endemic crises such as mass shootings or if you can get the public to fall into political bickering, then it’s easy to steer the public from the truth. It’s as if the media tried to isolate them but they’re not.

(Stream of thoughts) Ghislaine Maxwell knew Ivana Trump but also knew Adnan Khashoggi who was implicated with BCCI Bank during the Iran-Contra Scandal. Khashoggi’s nephew, Jamal Khashoggi was killed recently by Saudi Arabians close to the Trump Administration. Adnan’s other nephew, Dodi Fayed, dated and was killed with Princess Diana. We know, Maxwell dated Epstein who was close to Prince Andrew, thus Andrew was the brother-in-law to Diana, though Diana had fallen out of favor with the family, and the US and UK is very deeply in bed with Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia is actually an ally to Israel despite Saudi Arabia being bastion of the funds going to terrorism. The BCCI case was investigated by… Robert Mueller and then Senator, John Kerry (later the Secretary of State who replaced Hillary after Benghazi), and both these guys went to prep school together. The judge over BCCI’s indictment was Robert Morgenthau, of the Morgenthau Family which is related to…the Lehman Family (Wall Street Crash of 2008) and Bronfman Family involved in NXVIUM via Clare and Sara Bronfman but also the Ira Einhorn murder via Phyllis Bronfman. Adnan’s BCCI Bank had known CIA affiliation, but it also had ties to the Nation of Islam via Libya’s Qaddafi, and the Nation of Islam had a close relationship with the Black P Stone Nation street gang known for drug dealing.

John Kerry and Robert Mueller

(Stream of thoughts) Iran Contra involved drug dealing and firearms under the CIA’s purview to Latin American death-squads, i.e., the Contras versus Sandinistas, during the Reagan Administration to sell illegal arms to Iran in exchange for American prisoners. Iran Contra involved the right-wing group founded by Major General John K. Singlaub called Western Goals Foundation which had ties to the John Birch Society, which was a radical far-right organization, which largely dictated what we consider the “right wing, conservative, racist, anti-government” “Soldier of Fortune” rhetoric associated with white nationalist and white terrorists, i.e., this links to Neo Nazis. An interesting fact is that Neo Nazis typically inhabit areas involved in the Military Industrial Complex (Orange and LA Counties for example houses many major Defense and Space contractors), which you could assume is due to right-leaning politics, white flight, rabid Cold War antics, but during the Cold War this type of activity might have been promoted through fake organizations such as the JBS.

(Steam of thoughts) Neo Nazis are also caught up in the gun and drug running game, particularly through Biker networks notorious for vice running, and just like black gangs such as Almighty Black P Stone nation, or even Mexican Cartels, they’re essentially assets even without knowing it themselves. They’re the movers and pushers to create black markets which can be controlled and tapped into for dirty money by the government, e.g., the crack and heroin epidemic in America helped fight communism and terrorism. John K. Singlaub was a part of the early OSS and was a veteran of World War 2, a military-observer in China who monitored the Chinese Civil War, managed the Secret War in Vietnam and Cambodia, trained the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan (when Al Qaeda was a US ally against Russia), and was implicated during the Contra Affair. What’s the common denominator between Vietnam, China, Afghanistan, and Latin American? They’re all know for drugs such as heroin. For example, the Turkish group, the Grey Wolves, are a right-wing paramilitary group once associated with NATO Stay Behind Units, i.e., they were trained terrorist to supposedly fight communism, but they also sold Turkish heroin. Turkish and Chinese heroin dealing by the USA goes back times after the Revolutionary War, called Old China Trade, which made East Coast elites vastly wealthy and in part helped finance the Ivy League. One of the descendants of this is John Forbes Kerry of the Forbes Family. Trump’s advisor was Ray Cohn and he was a prosecutor and bully during the McCarthy Era and the McCarthy Era is where a young Ronald Reagan got it start snitching on suspected Communist in Hollywood. Nixon and Reagan did the War on Drugs despite knowing the government was in bed with gangs, the mobs, etc., even going so far as

Jeffrey Epstein fits into a lot of things. One facet is his relationship with MIT, his friendships with world leaders such as Prince Andres, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump, his early Bitcoin interests, his association with top scientists at his island for summits, but, as we all know, his international underage sex ring which had ties to fashion elites in places such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Paris. However, for, the general public was exposed to a few major events. These include (1) Russia-gate which made Robert Mueller a household name; (2) the Las Vegas Shooting where I did some research on the Filipino connection and discovered a long history of gun smuggling, casinos, prostitution, FBI/ATF/DOJ and Homeland Security involvement, and the Philippine’s crucial role in American foreign policy such as hedging China by making American presences needed to fight a possibly American-created Islamic terrorist situation where the former leader of Abu Sayyaf was a veteran of the Soviet-Afghan War on the American side; (3) Me Too, which was a hallmark victory for women’s rights, yet, Harvey Weinstein going down might have simply covered up darker behavior going on in Hollywood, such as that relating to the possible abuse of children and human trafficking victims. Essentially, in my opinion, Me Too was important but the media used it as a diversion by using our larger Culture War relating to gender, to steer attention away from Hollywood, but also possibly silence actors who had dirt on them from engaging in political activism. Isn’t is strange how low-key so many Hollywood actors and actresses are now? (4) the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi Arabia, where Saudi Arabia is a key ally to the Trump administration but interestingly the Israeli state. Saudi Arabia has played a key role in US foreign policy but is also involved in Jared Kushner’s supposed peace plan (5) Operation Varsity Blues, which was the take down of a college admission’s racket where elites paid a man to cheat their rich children into college. Essentially, it was a direct yet passive way to show certain elites that they can be taken care of it need be, such as Jared Kushner whom despite bad grades was admitted to Harvard after his father gave a large financial donation. Finally, at number five (5), we have the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

It is my opinion that either directly or by degrees-of separation that all these events are connected and I feel this because each event could easily be the story of a generation, if the media wanted them to, yet, each were showcased and passed without true resolution. It’s as if the media wanted to show us just to seem like they were doing their job but no true follow up was done afterwards. Further, the sociological effects of showcasing these events led to nothing more than bipartisan bickering or identity-politic warfare to divert the public from the “true glass ceiling”.

William S. Burroughs could’ve been a Steve Jobs. Chaos Magick, Internet, and Other Far Out Things by Quinton Mitchell

William S. Burroughs, the Occult practicing, heroin-addict scion of the early Counterculture movement within the circles of Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, could’ve been Steve Jobs in an alternate reality or if he played his cards differently. Unisys (NYSE: UIS) is the successor of Burroughs Corporation, an early computer firm. If things had gone differently for William and his family didn’t sell off their remaining shares of the company, William could’ve positioned himself in early Silicon Valley-type circles due to his powerful Harvard connections after WW2.

After WW2 there was a Cold War rat-race emergence of the RAND Corporation from the US Air Force; intensive computer science and collective behavior studies at MIT, Stanford, UCLA, University of Chicago, and the New School of Social Research (Transhumanism of MS-2030 and the sociology research of the University in Exile); the growth of joint-ventures between private industry and Defense, and the MK-Ultra sociological programs under the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence and US Army’s Biological Warfare Laboratories (drug studies, crowd-control agents, etc.).

Burroughs Corporation today exists as UNISYS, a global IT firm, that was created by a merger of Burroughs with Sperry Corporation in 1986 whom specialized in UNIVAC computers as well as Artificial-Horizon imagery, trigonometry based ballistic calculation solutions for missiles, etc. Sperry earlier on had acquired the typewriter division of gun-maker Remington. Unisys is now a subsidiary of DXC Technology in Tysons, Virginia, that specializes in Business-to-Business IT solutions, with Unisys itself being a subsidiary sister company to companies such as Molina Healthcare. The remnants of what remains of Sperry that wasn’t absorbed in the Burroughs (Unisys) merger, became part of Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, United Technologies, and Northrop Grumman

Further, System Development Corporation (SDC), which was spun off from the RAND Corporation, in which the SDC helped develop SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Equipment) software for NORAD. SDC was sold to Burroughs Corporation. Burroughs merged with Sperry Corporation in 1986 to make Uniysys. Unisys sold its defense division called Paramax to Loral Corporation in 1996, which was later sold to Lockheed Martin but then later to L3 Harris.

The brand-name of Burroughs was spun off separately by Unisys when the company spun-off its payment division. In 2010, Unisys sold off its Payment Systems Division to Marlin Equity Partners, a California-based private investment firm, which incorporated it as Burroughs Payment Systems based in Plymouth, Michigan

Yet, this is just a loose theory, that despite William not being active in the company’s operations, in effect Burroughs played the role of culture-agent to prep the masses for what would become the “postmodern” “erratic” “jittery” “sensory overload” “man merged with machine” ideas of the Global Internet Age, i.e., now.

I’m not making a direct link between Burroughs and all the zany things that went on during the Cold War but by proxy, due to his status and the possibilities available to him from that status, he was on the periphery of Intelligence, Drugs, and Technology.

His maternal uncle, Ivy Lee, was an advertising pioneer later employed as a publicist for the Rockefellers. Ivy Lee is known as the founder of modern public relations. William thus came from Blue Blood Anglo-Saxon stock with ancestry traced back to the Civil War and England with familial Ivy League ties. Ivy Lee did the Public Relations for John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil during the days of the Ludlow Massacre which was a coal-mining strike but remained a close “media fixer” for the family. Ivy Lee was also a founding member of the Council of Foreign Relations, which is the premier think-tank and global policy center for the elite within the United States where corporate American, defense, etc. merge for long-term planning with periphery organizations such as the Trilateral Commission. Both the CFR and Trilateral Commission are linked to the Central Intelligence Agency. Through these Rockefeller connections, if William S. Burroughs and his direct family retained control or board-membership in Burroughs Company, they could’ve used Ivy Lee’s Rockefeller connections to obtain venture capital from people such as Laurence Rockefeller, whom through his own Venrock Associates, in real life gave the seed money to both Apple and Intel. https://www.venrock.com/ https://burroughs.com/ https://www.unisys.com/

Seriously, if the William’s parents had retained some level of participation within Burroughs Corporation, despite making a smart move of divesting before the Great Depression, this could’ve set up William with an active inherited role within the company. They could’ve done clever moves of their stock such as switching common stock to preferred stock or selling those shares for more lucrative stocks in the defense industry and then re-buying a large stake in Burroughs at a post-war bargain. With vision and foresight which William put into writing instead of business, that foresight could’ve been a powerful tool in business even if from a consulting standpoint. By tapping into family ties and Rockefeller capital, William could’ve established himself as a preeminent member of the early Silicon Valley crowds either directly in business, consultation, or lobbying. With Silicon Valley being close to San Francisco which has a large LGBTQ community, William S. Burroughs may have found himself right at home.

However, him choosing the less profitable literary field could have meant that he was on to what future was coming and he instead rejected wealth for a Bohemian life. A rich kid with a hyper-aware depression prone to ennui and self-destructive behavior, as a closeted gay man, suppressing his desires, yet, he had a strong pulse on the absurdity that existed within the world and within the elite class. Burroughs was an artist against conformity who took it to surrealist extremes to push boundaries. Even if a person is a “junkie” or a part of a community such as the LGBTQIA community, they are still human with insights into things the standard culture overlooks, ignores, or persecutes.

Regarding intelligence links, Attanasio (1980) stated he applied to the OSS (Officer’s Strategic Services) but was rejected because he had deliberately cut off a piece of his finger (“I’d once got on a Van Gogh kick”); the Army declared him a paranoid schizophrenic and thus 4-F. By 1944, with nothing else to do, Burroughs became a junkie. Regarding the OSS link and claim, Marzoni (2019) states, “Burroughs tells Brookner that before he became a writer he wanted to be a doctor (he briefly attended medical school in prewar Vienna) and then a spy (he blames an old Harvard rival for curtailing his career with the CIA), but more than anything Brookner’s film showcases Burroughs’s talents as an actor.”

Back to technology, Steve Jobs for example, like many in the San Francisco area during the sixties and seventies engaged in heavy drug use, particularly LSD. We all know that GPS, the internet, etc., comes from these private-public partnerships, with NASA serving as the monopoly freight-carrier of Satellites into orbit, though this monopoly has been competed with companies such as SpaceX by Elon Musk, and the US Air Force Space Command serves as a type of Federal Aviation Administration for oversight and monitoring.

How does the Occult and technology align? Burroughs was into magic, the Occult, Chaos Magick, sprying (sight-seeing), etc. This was an interest he gained at Harvard. Magic or magic in a Satanic view is Luciferian, which thus equates to the “Light Giver” or “Light Bearer”, i.e., reason and Darwinism over Divinity. It seems strange to talk about concepts such as computer science, Automated Intelligence, and cloud computing with concepts such as magic, Darwinism, Chaos Magick, Luciferian, etc., but we need only to look to real-life example Jack Parsons associated with the Jet Propulsion Labs and he practiced the Dark Arts. Essentially, you have some very smart technocratic minded people who also engage in things which are Occultic in nature since Luciferian ideals are basically evolutionary in nature, i.e., scientific progress indifferent to weakness.

However, some magicians or Chaos Magick advocates see limitations to the empiricism of the Scientific Method, yet, the Luciferian idea still is essential in performing a type of evolutionary, Darwinian, strongest survives process upon material to thus morph that material into something new. Willing things into existence which are impossible based on the rules of linear reality is an aspect of where Darwinism, Nietzsche, and Lucifer align.

Burrough’s heroin usage, which is highly toxic to the body, debases the body in a type of “magical” process, posited on achieving a type of Illumination, and by killing the body a person into certain types of magic believes the body can be resurrected into something new. One must effectively die to be reborn and living a life of excess and amoral behaviors is simply the individual pushing their limitations for enlightenment (choosing to be a Goat that is free over a “Sheep” that is a slave). Heroin thus serves as a type of mystical Illumination agent needed for the Alchemical process of evolution to kill the weak body and maintain the strong bodies who will be reborn into a new postmodern, digital, hyper-real landscape. So, even though Burroughs wasn’t at board meetings in Silicon Valley or DC, rubbing elbows with military Generals, Madison Avenue ad men, and venture capitalists, he was instead on the streets writing fiction that foresaw the upcoming digital age. Employing surrealist elements into his works is a type of “alchemical debasement of body and mind”, by destabilizing and mutating them, to signify what technology would do to the human physiology.

I’m sure many people have written about Burroughs within conspiracy circles, considering he was almost a member of the early Office of Strategic Services, i.e., the CIA in the days of people like Allen Dulles, Frank Wisner, Kermit Roosevelt, David Rockefeller, Edward Lansdale, etc. The biggest revelation I personally pull from Burrough’s CIA connections, though unproven, is that William himself was type of pusher of drugs essential for the MKUltra experiments to take hold. Like Crowley who advocated for drugs and had a popularity within celebrity and counterculture circles, William served a similar role (theoretically). It is known that the CIA and the American elite have long ties to the heroin industry. Going back as far as the early American merchant dynasties of Massachusetts via the Port of Salem regarding Old China Trade, i.e., the legal heroin trade at that time. Families such as the Forbes and Russell families of the Boston Brahmin circles were involved, and it is public knowledge that Skull and Bones was founded by William Huntingdon Russell. Further, heroin goes back to the British Empire during its time in Hong Kong but also British India, where the heroin growing region of Nuristan in present day Afghanistan, translates to “Land of Illumination”.


Attanasio, P. A. (1980, February 1). William Burroughs: News: The Harvard Crimson. Retrieved November 23, 2019, from https://www.thecrimson.com/article/1980/2/1/william-burroughs-pbwbilliam-burroughs-came-to/.

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