What would a US Space Force Special Forces Look Like? Space Combat Control Party, i.e., US Space Commando? By Quinton Mitchell

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Nickname. The Satellite Men and Women of Death.

Motto: Death from Below, Keeps Safety from Above? Mors ab Inferis. Salues Desuper. Or… Bravery for a Free Space? Fortitudo Ad Liberum Spatium. Or… Death and Bravery for a Free Space? Mors et fortitudo, pro spatio libero. (Note, I used Google Translate, so this may not be proper Latin)

Beret: Carolina Blue

New Space Force uniform.

Photo credit: A U.S. Soldier participates in a night raid training mission during Emerald Warrior 2012, an exercise put together by U.S. Special Operations Command. Photo: USAFA U.S. soldier participates in a night-raid training mission during Emerald Warrior 2012, an exercise put together by U.S. Special Operations Command. Photo: USAF

This is just a fun post. I’m in no way Rambo, Soldier of Fortune, etc.

But, if the US Space Force had special forces, I would assume it would fall under a newly created US Space Force Special Operations Command (USSF-SOC) that falls under the Unified Combatant Command, with the new command either based out of the Colorado Springs area (able to cross train with local USAF, US Army and US Space Force facilities); Huntsville, AL area, or potentially somewhere in Florida such as Hulbert Field next to existing USAF Special Ops, or Patrick Air Force Base/Cape Canaveral Space Station or MacDill AFB.

But what would they do?

USSFSOC would be the shock force that protects terrestrial satellite stations for sustainment of the Defense Satellite Communication System (DSCS), performs Counter terrorism/CBRNE counter measures, retakes US or allied terrestrial satellite stations, while also incapacitating and taking over enemy ones with hand-to-hand combat, small arms, assault rifles, ordnance, calling in close air support strikes, etc.

A USSFSOC personnel would be like the Air Force Tactical Control Party (TAC-P) mixed with USAF Combat Control (Air Commando) , but this would be a Space Combat Control Party, i.e., Space CCP, i.e., Space Commando.

Similar to how CCTs are FAA certified Air Traffic Controllers, a Space CCP would be a NASA certified Flight Controller taught at the Christopher C. Kraft Jr., Mission Control Center Houston (MCC-H)

They go behind enemy lines, take out or take over enemy communication stations, extract USSF or allied personnel, repair satellites, conduct Flight Controller duties.

Teams would be led by an officer in person or remotely who has an Electrical Engineering background but supported by a cadre of enlisted personnel who are capable of hacking into or retrieving elements of an enemy’s servers located at satellite stations, or setting up /repairing remote satellite stations, etc.

Enlisted members will be designated as warrant officers so they can operate above enlisted but be subordinate to officers.

This will give the US and allies vital intelligence but also the ability to disrupt enemy satellite operations in space thus throwing off an enemy’s GPS targeting systems, etc. Also, USSF-SOC operators can establish/repair remote satellite stations.

Training would essentially be “capture the flag”, i.e., taking over enemy facilities and defending allied facilities.

HALO/HAHO (High Altitude, Low Opening/High Opening) parachuting. Using littoral waterway entrance methods (infiltration via beaches by sea or river) to enter into enemy territory. Using SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) tactics to successful bypass/neutralize enemy combatants. Surveil enemies using SALUTE reporting (Size, Activity, Location, Unit, Time, and Equipment). Direct close air support via Joint Terminal Attack Controller methodology to destroy enemy satellite stations. Defend and evacuate US Space Force or other DOD or Allied personnel at satellite stations in combat zones. Establish/repair remote satellite outposts. Physically take over enemy satellite stations either for destruction or for cooption.

Training may consist of (1) selection, (2) SERE school at Fairchild AFB, WA; (3) Ranger School; (4) US Army Airborne School (Parachute Badge) at Fort Benning, GA for Static Line qualification & Army Military Free Fall Parachutist School, Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona for HALO qualification; (5) Cold Weather orientation and Basic Military Mountaineering Course at the Northern Warfare Training Center at Ft. Wainwright Alaska, (6) Combat Diver/ Underwater Egress School at NAS Pensacola, FL, (7) Jungle Warfare at US Jungle Operations Training Center at Schofield Barracks, (8) Desert Warrior Course at Ft Bliss, also advanced training notably with satellite systems at the Jet Propulsion Lab Space Flight Operator Facility, .

Pararescuemen from the 38th Rescue Squadron and the 58th Rescue Squadron, Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., jump from a HC-130P/N for a High Altitude Low Opening free fall drop from 12,999 feet in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. PJs use a variety of jumps depending on the mission. / USAF Photograph by Staff Sgt. Jeremy T. Lock.
In this March 1, 2017, photo, soldiers from the U.S. Army’s 25th Infantry Division 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team participate in jungle warfare training at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. The Army has set up a jungle training course amid a renewed focus on Asia and the Pacific after more than a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. (AP Photo/Daniel Lin)

Certain satellite field equipment such as HughesNet or L3 Harris technology modified for Special Forces Operations will be used for training members about how to set up remote satellites (See Article: https://www.defensenews.com/industry/2020/01/07/l3harris-receives-100m-contract-to-upgrade-special-ops-communication-capabilities/)

In the future a person who qualifies for USSF SOC Space CCP could qualify for a NASA mission, meaning they’d be the first US Space Force Commando in space.

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Ideas to help the USA by Quinton Mitchell. From a Loving Day, Participatory Budgeting, a Space Force Academy, Popping the Tuition Bubble, and Operation Gerbil?

About me: Everyday guy. US Air Force veteran (honorable discharge). AmeriCorps alumus. BA in Business, Associates in Applied Science in Contracts Management, and Master of Science in Management with Operations Management focus. I’m black American, but supposedly with some Muskogee Creek heritage (allegedly) but my last name is Scottish (crazy story). I was raised a US Army military brat having lived in Florida, Kansas, Germany, Washington State, and Georgia. My grandads fought in World War II and Korea. I’m a pro-military, patriotic, Progessive who enjoys Left Wing thought but I’m more of a 3rd way thinker, i.e., I see capitalism as a tool rather than something to worship. My socialist sympathies actually comes from being raised in the military. I used to be in the Young Democrats but grew up in Ronald Reagan suburbia (interesting upbringing). I was raised all over from truck driving, gun owning Georgians to Seattle or Olympia Hippies to Washington DC civil servants. I was born “poor” or “lower middle class” but my parents worked hard to make it upper middle class.


Read the full list since there’s no order to it.

Be a little weird and think outside the box.

Participatory Budgeting where citizens vote on what percentage they want their taxes going, everyone’s submissions are averaged out, but then legislators do the same thing. Both are averaged and used as a baseline for Budgeting.

Merge the census with tax returns to cut costs if not by law then by executive order

Review federal acquisition procedures to ensure procurement practices are optimal

Better publicize what the federal government does in fun commercials such as what’s going on in science, agriculture, historic preservation, national parks, environmental efforts like the restoring animals on the Endagered Species List, Army Corps of Engineers, NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)

Instill a spirit of customer service amongst public (civil) servants so the general public improves their perception of government

The possibility of using Enterprise Resource Planning system tools like SAP in government agencies to better coordinate finance (as to comply with rules such as the bona fide need rule, Misappropriation Act, colors-of-money), procurement offices, auditors, senior leadership, etc. One government, one language as far as ERP, SaaS (Software as a Service), Asset Management Tools, freight carrier guides with 3PLs (third party logistics).

Establish a Loving Day based on the Loving Supreme Court case to celebrate multiracial families where celebrities of biracial or multiracial heritage talk about their lives such as Derek Jeter, Pete Wentz, Patrick Mahomes, Mariah Carey, Halle Barry, Blake Griffin, Zach LaVine, The Rock, Meghan Markle, Cameron Champ, etc. See article: https://andscape.com/features/black-pga-golfer-cameron-champ-is-going-places-his-grandfather-wasnt-allowed

More inclusion of white men into progressive politics such as showing abolitionists history, discrimination against Italians and Irish etc. See my past article: https://mitchellrg.com/2021/07/14/helping-save-white-men-from-radicalization-progressive-notes/

Law limiting the amount of homes that foreigners can buy to ensure domestic buyers, especially first time homeowners can buy homes

Repeal the Faircloth Amendment so the federal government has the option to build public housing especially in emergencies. Inspired by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s idea: https://nurseledcare.phmc.org/advocacy/policy-blog/item/838-faircloth-amendment.html

Encourage telework and refurbish commercial space into residential space

Deflate the College Cost Bubble by using the Department of Labor to challenge hiring criteria of businesses where many require expensive advanced degrees when jobs might require less costly education, i.e., increasing the value of a high school diploma again, etc; requiring schools getting federal assistance or whom have had past substantial federal assistance on financial brink to consolidate to cut costs

Allow negotiation of Medicare drug costs

Establish a federal corporation that invests in prescription drug stocks because by doing so this agency can better negotiate by buying or selling shares

Medicare Now! Let people use thru Medicare earlier before retirement

Lay the ground work for single-payer Healthcare by flipping the FICA formula so out of the 7.65% where 6.20% goes to Social Security and the rest, 1.45%, towards Medicare/Medicaid (where your employes matches your contribution), you flip it but you do it slowly so those who paid into Social Security and are near retirement can get their full benefits (unless they opt for more Medicare). Raise the overall 7.65% to 8-10%.

E.U. style data protection for US consumers

Regulate crypto currency such as requiring exhanges to obtain private insurance and to get rated by rating agencies, apply Glass Steagall Act like regulations such as Banning a merging of crypto exchanges with hedge funds or banks, but ban federal insurance or bailouts altogether.

Also require digital currencies be backed by some sort of convertible asset like gold or silver

Issue a Defense Production Act edict to gold miners to mine more gold and silver to continue increasing our vault reserves

Presidential Council of Elders where ex Presidents convene yearly to show unity across political lines and for them to consult and come to consensus where they feel laws should go or issues to address. More of an opinion panel.

Not to Exceed Age Limits for Justices such as 70 or 80 as opposed to term limits so we don’t get activist judges who constantly flip on laws as one judge takes over from the other, etc. Yet, we don’t get judges who are always in the hospital once very old

Support police but reform police. See my past article: https://mitchellrg.com/2021/12/27/how-the-system-helped-curtail-police-reform-by-quinton-mitchell/

A Total Energy Policy that includes both green and fossil fuels including converting nuclear weapons into energy fuel for reactors, while handing over fuselages to the aerospace industry such as to send satellites into in orbit

Full Legalization of Cannabis and help with military recruitment by disallowing the asking about prior or post service (in the case of re-entry) Marijuana usage.

See my past article about Cannabis and the military: https://mitchellrg.com/2021/05/23/i-wrote-a-letter-to-congress-that-was-ignored-revising-forms-relating-to-questions-involving-cannabis-and-how-cannabis-is-a-force-multiplier-for-national-security-by-quinton-mitchell/

End the Cuban Trade Embargo, allow remittance payments thru Western Union, allow travel, etc., but with conditions such as distancing themselves from China and Russia

See my past article on Cuba: https://mitchellrg.com/2021/07/16/supporting-the-cuban-revolution-through-software-as-a-service-saas-erp-and-decision-support-systems-power-to-the-people-by-cybernetics-systems-theory-and-the-dika-model-by-quinton-mitchell

The possible establishment of a US Space Force Academy in a place like Cape Canaveral or Daytona Beach (near Embry Riddle Aeronautical University), Houston, Hunstville AL, or Santa Barbara (even if it has to still fall under the guidance of the USAFA and Air Education Training Command). Even if the school has to start off as a two year school for junior and seniors who do their first two years at the USAFA. An academy size comparable to smaller academies such as US Coast Guard Academy or US Merchant Marine Academy. Name facilities after famous astronauts.

Operation Gerbil or Gerbil Maze with NASA and companies like Blue Origin, SpaceX, Astra, etc. Replace nodes on the International Space Station with new sections but send the old ones to the Moon so we have materials to establish a small research facility. Scrap junk missions to land materials on the moon such as wiring, aluminum, etc.

More research into oxidation of moon rocks for air on moon facilities. See: https://youtu.be/-HGm2SSRaDs

Re-establish mental asylums with funds and grants to states via DHHS to help with the mentally ill homeless population.

Separate mental asylums, drug rehab, and jail where in many cases these are merge to cut costs especially as jails become more privatized

Fund clean needle exchanges and promote one-time use needles.

Urge cities that have lax policies on homeless peoples to encourage these people to clean their areas, aka, you can stay here if you clean the streets. This can be done by coordinating with non profit organizations, local police, etc.

Urge ISP service providers to require adult sites have Two Factor Authentication to prevent minors from accessing pornography

Reform federal sugar subsidies

Transition After Training (TAT) for Transgender service people where recruits after basic training, completing trade school and upon reaching a rank that permits off base living or single quarters will have the ability to transition.

Department of Justice mandate to protect Trans people if jailed be it local, state, or federal such as solitary confinement or protective custody to prevent them being abused or harassed

Artic Defense Pact as an extension of NATO, NORAD, and AFNORTH with Canada, US, Denmark, UK, Japan and Nordic countries to exercise and coordinate defense of the arctic especially as climate change opens waterways

Audit State Defense Forces for extremist elements. See: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=xdsrAAAAIBAJ&pg=6030%2C1692394

Expand the early commissioning program at Junior Military Colleges but also schools like Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Expand the pay out for Enlisted College Loan Repayment Plans

Expand the Segal Education Award for the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach America

House arrests for petty crimes as opposed to jailing

Policies to end racial segregation in jails such as isolating violent criminals from inmates capable of rehab.

Segregate based on crimes committed and character (not race) instead of bunching all types of criminals together.

STD testing for all inmates before entry, while incarcerated, and before exit (added 12/19/22)

Encourage the expansion of open stock market exchanges on Eastern Time to close on West Coast or Central (Chicago) Time so trading hours are extended a little bit

Include Mexico’s top universities into the Association of American Universities with the US and Canada to promote goodwill

Use Border Wall funding as leverage for increased gun control (not confiscation)

Return parts of federal land to Native Tribes and Native Hawaiians

Fly the flags of Native Tribes on federal property

Investigate Highway of Tears Native femicides with Canada

Free or very cheap HBCUs and 0% federally insured fixed rate mortgages as a reparations package for black Americans similar to the GI Bill and VA Home Loan

Require truck drivers submit DNA swabs since many unsolved crimes were submitted by truckers. Also, pilots such as those who use smaller off the radar air strips (added 12/19/22)