Helping Save White Men from Radicalization. Progressive Notes by Quinton Mitchell

Using violence is what a child does when it doesn’t get its way. White Supremacy actually let White people down. Supremacy is a construct, like a drug, so when that drug is taken away, there’s negative reactions.

  1. Showing positive examples, new stories, etc., of racial harmony which exists already in the natural world
  2. Celebrating European nationalities over Pan-Whiteness, for example Italian American, Irish American, etc. For example, back in the eighteen-hundreds to early-to-mid nineteen hundred, whiteness was not the concept we see today. Rather, European groups delineated themselves based on nationalistic cultures, such as Irish, Polish, Italian, English, Scottish, etc., yet as time went on there was a merging of all the groups into a Pan White sentiment, largely since the United States was based on racial segregation, so white groups despite having different customs saw themselves as the same. This was merging into Pan-Whiteness occurred after WW2 with the establishment of government segregated suburbs, where upward mobility in a capitalist system took precedent over once hard ethnic lines. Hence, whenever there is a black liberation movement, there is mass reaction from Pan Whiteness regardless of the white person’s ethnic heritage. The way how America was designed was to make it that when black people call for liberation it is seen as an attack on whiteness, i.e., whites feel they are being unfairly treated or “punished” for any sort of reconciliation process.
  3. Showing white ethnic participation within progressive or Leftist movements from history but also how certain European communities were attacked by the pre-existing Anglo Saxon Protestant establishment. Teach black people about these as well, so black Civil Rights action groups can build alliances with white people who are willing to help without white people feeling they are overstepping boundaries.
  4. Educating people of all races about white contributions to Abolitionism, the Underground Railroad, participating in Freedom Marches and Anti-Apartheid movements. This helps educate all people regardless of race the important contributions of white people in helping achieve equality, rather than the current sentiment which seems to assume that white people are inherently problematic. White people feel rejected or scorned, so they regress or find opportunists who are willing to turn them into racists, etc., and this was most prominent in the modern United States with the election and reaction to President Barack Obama and the election of Donald Trump.
  5. Including white leftist movements within the USA within the iconography of the contemporary Progressive Movement such as labor strike movements, Midwest socialist movements of the early twentieth centuries, the Catholic communitarian tradition, etc.
  6. Separating European political philosophy from American political philosophy, since America, despite its many flaws, helped to create the diversity and inclusion we see today. Many within the Alt Right have been radicalized by European philosophers such as Julius Evola, Aleksandr Dugin, etc., and this is a violation of the American progressive tradition that has basis in Anglo Saxon Protestantism typically from Northern American transcendental thought of the Abolitionists. American notions of individualism and Enlightenment thought created the basis for abolitionism and equality, so being American is being anti-racists though it took us a long time to fulfill that dream. Hence, whenever we display imagery of the American Revolutionary, we must remember that within that sentiment was the sentiment of racial equality, even though conservative politics typically appropriates patriotic regalia.
  7. Dealing with YouTube Nazi Pop problem and creating more diverse content in subjects that males gravitate towards including militarism, history, etc. Individual history podcasts or content creators are not bad, but when you take the aggregate sum of videos relating to WW2 such analysis of Nazism, Indo European studies, ancient European tribalism (many Viking symbols are used by the Far Right, despite not all people into European history are racists), and the separate Far Right videos, YouTube becomes of sort of grooming tool in awakening White Power. YouTube is predominately male dominated and watched, so when you have young white men, who play videos games, watch Anime (which as elements of Aryan ideals within it), are not confident around women, and the fact that men are interested in things of “utility” and history, they become recruits to the “Red Pill movement”.  I do blame the cultural Left for this in part because they have not typically created a way for cisgender masculinity to express itself and feel empowered under Progressive principles.
  8. Force BLM and other movements to show solidarity with white people killed by police so BLM does not look like a racist organization, even though it is not, but as a movement people of various opinions have ascribed the BLM movement with an array of values. For example, the Reverend Al Sharpton spoke at the eulogy for a white teenager killed in Arkansas by police. This is a great example of solidarity, and that police reform is not anti-white.
  9. Operations against white supremacy including doxing, arrests, etc.
  10. Understanding masculinity and how it can lead to fascism. Masculinity, particularly white masculinity as a construct, has been on the chopping board for most of our understanding of progressive liberation. Yet, white supremacy and entitlement and ego-grooming do and did exists. Think of the concept of the 1980s Action Star. Male power fantasies produced during a time of capitalistic avarice where capitalism itself was built on exploitation while covering up the exploitation to expand markets and profits. Or think about sports. Think about Connor vs Floyd in a boxing batch. Connor represented in part the “victim” Cinderella Man in one hand while also being a symbol for “white boys got it to”, yet Floyd was depicted as the “bully, black, mouthy” boxer. For example, as a black male when I grew up all my heroes on TV were largely white because that is all there were, but I never thought about it, yet, when black men started to take more leadership roles such as the Football QB, many suffered backlash. Is this insecurity? If was OK for me to be inspired by William Wallace in Braveheart, then why do some white people have issues seeing honor within non-whites? If non-whites have accepted white heroes, then why do many in white America have a problem with it the other way around. Granted, I am talking in generalities, but the general sense is just that. White America is constantly seeking avatars of superiority but with a mythos of honor, humility, natural prowl, etc. “The Good Ole Boy”. Yet, the rise of right-wing is largely sexual, i.e., psychosexual. The fast-paced progress of sexual liberation amongst females and economic empowerment of women has left younger generations of males without a traditional sense of purpose, yet, this is not the fault of females, but a reality to change. Many Instagram models have used this for money, for example, you will see Pro-Trump models with hyper sexuality making money off men who feel their pride has been hurt and women have options. Change is harsh and people get left behind, or do they? White men aren’t suffering anymore than anyone else but their egos were elevated through social conditioning where challenges to their aesthetic value can create an extreme drop. For example, many supremacists who have not created anything often say that non-whites didn’t create anything, so certain white people are appropriating the achievements of individuals who so happened to have been white and their achievements weren’t produced because they wanted them to be “white inventions”. The need to feel superior is at times a signs of being inferior.

Don’t underestimate Russian infiltration because of the Muh Russia Russiagate failure. The Dove Left. The State, and the Alt Right are complicit in undermining Russian influence in the West and USA

Let us get a few things clarified. 1) arguing against white supremacy isn’t hating people. Sure, for some it might be that, but white people tend to focus on the most vocal opposition force to paint a larger picture as if that mentality quantifies the entire group. I don’t dislike white people at all. I grew up with them, many friends, and some I consider family with no realization of race at all. Arguing against white supremacy isn’t arguing against the “classification” of white people or European culture or history, nor is it an attack on naturally occurring white majorities in traditionally white majority nations. These majorities didn’t come into being simply because the entire population of a specific nation said we have to shut out others, but they arose because it was a natural occurrence. Even as immigration came to be as we can still see, white majorities still prevail in Western nations, and even if there is intermingling, the white majorities in theory actually get larger despite the notion that diminish since many children sired from such relationships have equally as much of chance of assimilating back into the majority. So, what, there’s majorities of white people. That’s not the issue. The issue is with latent racism, the covert language of promote it, the marginalization of other group’s cultures in order to promote a sense of superiority (in which many supremacists have not contributed do despite being racist), reactionary fear, marginalization of other people’s viewpoints, and using fear of becoming a minority to justify emboldening the poor treatment of native minorities or new coming immigrants. So, I can rally against white supremacy since it does have a history, as all people do, of nonsensical violence, but I can also stand up for white people, see them as friends, family, etc. The goal of the racist is to prevent you from making a separation between the ills of white supremacy and the fact that white people simply exists. To them racism and white identity are synonymous, so they cleverly use attacks against white supremacy to justify slipping in their segregation mentality.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying the Russia as a county or a people are bad or to be feared. I’m not saying that Orthodox Christianity is bad. Russian Americans are Americans, yet, there’s an element forming like an viral enzyme silently in the body of the United States and Europe. No on notices, people deny it, people are even cynical because of the malpractice of those who are charged to protect us, yet, it’s there. However, you have separate the good from the bad. The bad being that certain elements, emphasis on certain, are influencing the US and European Far Right. Sometimes its coming out of Russia but other times its an appropriation of US and European Far Right groups such as the Alt Right and Neo Nazis who find inspiration in Russian Imperial and Soviet Era iconography. This Alt Right sect despite not being taken serious by mainstream or moderate Republicans is an influential force within the MAGA movement. Due to the major stall or let down of the Russia-gate situation, I think most Americans have relegated Russia to the status of “Muh, Russia”, but they often don’t see the actual influence of Russia within the online Alt Right, but also in establishment GOP Republican politics. Even the Pacifist Anti-Establishment Left (The Greyzone, Graham Elwood, Jimmy Dore, etc.) is complicit in underestimating Russian influence because like the conspiracy minded Right Wing (Richard Spencer, Jay Dyer, Know More News with Adam Green, Lauren Southern, Alex Jones, etc.), they too fear the government and look at the government as a propaganda machine for war, which is true, but they overlook the threat of Russian influence within American white supremacy in order to hedge against war. War is bad, but also being ignorant of Russian influence in order to support your cause which therefore supports the Alt Right is a big issue.

Russia-gate was fiasco was co-opted by the American power establishment who contorted the real truth for their own benefit but threw the American people under the bus on a nearly two-year interactive conspiracy game, largely, for the state not to lose too much leverage considering the USA was spread thin globally during the Bush and Obama Administrations. The USA was exposed and vulnerable. This being-spread-thin-status of the American defense apparatus, created a prime opportunity for Russia to make gains, defensive barriers, but also exploit the underlying white supremacy of the reactionary right-wings of the United States and Western/Central Europe. For example, Russia manipulated the Right Wing’s fear over Latin American immigration in the USA; presented itself as an alternative to the issues of globalism by pointing out the US NATO war-created refugees of Syria and Libya and the creation of a transnational corridor for undocumented immigration, and provided an “Anti-Modern” ideology to combat expanding rights to women, minorities, and non-heterosexuals.

The US Mainstream Media and State used real facts in part but also many lies and fabrications to launch a reactionary campaign to hedge Trump’s unilateral power after he won since he held both Chambers of Congress, nominated two SCOTUS judges, nominated many Federal Circuit Court Judges, and had a loyal Executive Branch who’ve obstructed justice in many cases and is full of unqualified individuals and where many have ties to Russian money or money interests. Yet, after they got what they wanted, they dropped the case and quickly moved on to other issues on the circuit of the 24/7 news feeds. However, Russia may not have hacked into any voting machines (though it’s plausible Israelis who have strong ties to Russia did) but Russia more so did “social networking”. Russian infiltration is a combination of multiple tactics such as (1) Spread Soft Power such as buying real-estate, sport teams, wining and dining elites, and selling an image of wealth and prosperity such as in the Russian billionaire class (2) Appealing to a common European ancestry especially since the political-left has made gains analyzing and deconstructing white supremacy, yet, this tactic create generation of eager white people searching for identity in a change world that affects us all regardless of race, (3) Using “postmodern” tactics such as online content spanning blogging, podcasts, chat rooms, and anonymous accounts, etc., and (4) Religion such as using Orthodoxy as a new alternative to re-establishing Christianity by undermining Catholicism and Protestantism, but also equating the Orthodox Church with Israel as a type of alternative to American Zionism. Thus the strategy is multi-dimensional and uses isolated categories which can rub off on each other to merge and create a larger consensus for Russian acceptance.
It’s a good documentary that isn’t about racism and is a story about solidarity between nations, yet, in a way it’s a type of normalizing Russian nationality in the USA (which is fine) but in other realms there’s the Alt Right incorporating Russian iconography, so this documentary is like a casual acceptance of Russian nationality.